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Russian Tit For Tat

In an attempt to belie internal political struggles Putin continues to manage Russia’s resurgent geo-political footprint. For the American public, this should serve as a reminder of how volatile and how quickly the world stage can fracture when U.S. Foreign Policy is micro-managed by political apparatchiks with servile intent.

It is true that the U.S. has, by favoring global hegemony, given-up on developing and refining its internal strengths giving way in one form or another to military confrontation which of course is clearly not in the best interests of the American people. The fact remains that Obama’s policy of Negotiated-Disengagement is creating an exponential threat; by ignoring the effect of the vacuum he’s creating he’s equally ignorant of the invitation he’s extending.

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War Footing: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

In less than a weeks’ time the U.S. Congress has managed to pass legislation that assures conflict with Russia. The most recent being the so-called Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014  (HR 5859) passed by unanimous consent with only 3 of the 425 House Members in attendance and actually voting.

The key features of the Act funds the sale of tactical weaponry, various anti-Russia propaganda schemes and funding for the privatization of Ukrainian infrastructure/resources. Not since the days of the Roman Empire have we witnessed the existence of a system of government so far outside the lines of reason that it must maintain a perpetual war footing posture strictly for feeding purposes.

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House Resolution 758: Will Putin/Russia Surrender?

Amidst all the mash over immigration, race-protests and Omnibus spending contests the House managed to pass an extraordinarily provocative resolution which, at the very minimum, is a new Cold War Declaration if not a tacit Declaration of War on Russia.
The resolution differs little as to intent with that of the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act (and we know what followed). Making wildly hypocritical claims, many (claims) of which are unsubstantiated, vesting the U.S. Government with broad authority to act unilaterally. This includes providing advanced weapon systems to Ukraine which can only be viewed as a ramping-up for direct action against opposition forces in Eastern Ukraine. The Russians will most certainly view this move as a direct threat.
Once again the forces of global hegemony are subverting domestic policy at the expense of the American people and their National Sovereignty by creating a threat and crafting the means to conceal their hand in the process. Rest assured, I’m not suggesting that Russia is free of any malfeasance however how is their actions, in defense of their State, any different than what it would be were Russia to install a favored government in Canada and Mexico and post offensive weaponry at U.S. boarders?
What weakness are we attempting to secure? I believe this to be a most critical question and one which requires an equally relevant and faithful response. You see, it’s not a new war or campaign; it’s merely an expansion of the existing battle we’re all already losing. I heartily recommend reading the content of the accompanying link and decide for yourself.
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: MP: There are great flaws (all over the world) running their regressive threats which dehumanize the divinity of the human spirit. In time they will need to be dealt with however one can no sooner preach the strength of sound principal whilst ignoring the defect in their own actions.
There was a time when the Ideals of the American fulcrum were sufficiently strong that there was no need for armed/active intervention or contest. That time has long passed and the consequences of our turning away from said Ideals has laid waste to the sacred purpose we (as a people) once stood for. You want to know what we (as a people) stand for? It’s quite easy; look at our national, state and local governments. Look at what and how people articulate their regard for the Ideals.
If an outsider wanted to get a window, instantaneously, into the human race’s point of focus all they need do is look at how we (as humans and thru government) incentivize the destruction of the human spirit. It’s everywhere you look and its tragic! Folks look for the “Beast” as the cause but here’s something to think about: Carbon-12, the most fundamental component of our form in fact is, by mass, second only to oxygen; it has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. It’s not one person, its an entire race having fallen prey to destructive illusions.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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Oil: How Low Can It Go!

Out of the box, let’s start with lesson number one:
1) There has never been a shortage of crude oil; ever!
2) If you want to control the price of a thing, in this case oil, then control the supply.
3) If you want to have unlimited spending power then you must first find a borrowing source that uses the same currency (or exchange for a currency) that you use.
4) The degree to which you can have control over the amount of spending, and the control that spending acquires, then you must also expand/spread the common use of that currency (this is the function of a Central Bank and its integration into a Global Banking scheme.)
5) The most efficient way to expand/spread the common use of a currency is to find the most commonly used commodity and require that the purchase of that commodity use your currency.
Now then, return to item 1 and repeat as often as no one is willing to challenge your control system. These few points describe the Global Banking System (the IMF lead by the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland of which the U.S. Fed and the U.K. equivalent are key players).  Now you understand why Russia is being made to appear as an extremely volatile threat and why the Middle-East is of such interest to the West and why China wants control of the South China Sea (massive western controlled oil reserves). Given that it is likely you will be going to war in the region (again) it’s high time you know. The Western Banking System knows that the debt loads are growing exponentially and simply cannot (ever) be settled.
The only way to survive the inevitable economic slaughter is to continuously expand their financial scheme. How low will oil go and for how long? As low and as long as it takes to destroy the Putin Regime in Russia and the Communist Regime in China; it is estimated that at $44-50/barrel Saudi Arabia can survive (on its cash reserves) for 6-7 years. At that level, it is estimated that Russia can hold out for 2-3 years. China’s a bit more difficult as their economy is structurally a bit more diverse than Russia, but socially far more unpredictable than Russia. For this reason the West is working thru Hong Kong to establish a foot hold of civil unrest as it plans and perfects its regime-change strategy for China.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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Russia Vs. NATO | One Choice Remains

For open conflict to be avoided Russia (Putin) will have to back-down form its plans to return Ukraine, specifically Eastern Ukraine, to the control of Mother Russia; given Russia’s vested interests I see no chance of this happening.

The West has only one choice; stage a delay tactic until such time as Assad/Syria can be dealt with (so that the pipeline connection, now sitting idle in the vicinity of Turkey can be made with ease) which will allow for the Russian-supplied Energy to Western Europe to be replaced; there is no “or” in their action-plans.

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