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The Heart of a Home

The other day I met with an Elderly Woman who was referred to me by another Client.  It was a very simple phone call,  not one – frankly – I routinely get (i.e., simply and short),  but welcomed none the less.

Her voice was soft and pure and she simply said,  “…Mr. Greco,  I understand you’re the person to talk to about my home and I wonder if you would care to make time available and visit with me at my home.  I’ve a few important matters I would like to review with you.”   Her voice was soothing and elegant in it’s inflection and delivery and I found my self  responding with a equally placid tone, “…why yes of course….”!

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Low Ball Offer

Yes the market in many parts of the Country has (and is) suffering the inevitable post “sugar high” crash and I’m sure for many,  as it is here in Northern California ( Sonoma County ),  the market is becoming flush with properties for sale.   Either in the hands of a Bank (REO) or by a Party with this possible threat looming over their shoulder,  the end result is the same.

“There’s deals to be had…” I here more and more, “…just low ball ‘em…” bellows the Pitching Coach,  “bottom feeders…” the Anger Seller laments!

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Real Estate Trends 101

I know of few people in the Real Estate Market that don’t want simple answers to a complex issues.   Let us simply refer to it as “crystal balling”!

Thinking on it for the past few hours I found myself chuckling at myself wondering,  if only I had that crystal ball ten years ago.   Then I thought further and realized,  I’d had the “crystal ball” all along!   WE ALL DID,…We All Do!

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Fixed Rate Mortgages Soften?

The Financial Markets aversion to risk is making its position known these last few days and the result of which (one of them anyways) is a rush to the Bond Markets.   The result of which has been a softening in Fixed Rate Mortgages.

For those of us observing the inevitable exhaustion from Heated Housing& Commercial Markets this will no doubt,  be received with a bit of mixed emotions.  If you,  like many in high cost housing areas,  took the route of a high leverage (90% LTV or greater) interest only or “neg am” ARM’s  you may be thinking GREAT, but I’ve lost 15% plus in market value in under a year and I can’t refinance even if I wanted to!

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