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X-Hairs | Beijing-Joe; Let the Transformation Begin

As if it were synchronized is the best way to explain and of course the pattern explains it all. Not unlike the practices during Obama’s Reign of Depravation when open boarder advertisements were place in South American cities.

Biden’s one-world fan club has advance-noticed his Administrations plan to resume Bush-Clinton-Obama’s Open Boarder Policies, a.k.a. the “SPVRP” (Self-Populating-Voter-Registration Program.)

Ironic how the incoming Administrations Pandemic Policy is entirely incompatible with their plan to resume flooding this Nation with diseases once thought eliminated within the boarders of these United States but then one must never filter reason thru the litmus test of political hyperbole.

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X-Hairs V1- The Undoing!

There is always a price for moving forward; overcoming the inertial lethargy of complacency being the more immediate and perhaps the most conspicuous of the opposing force once expects to confront. In short form: Humans are very predictable; at the fringe of reason they calculate sloppily and even when faced with the evidence of their conspicuous duplicity they remain defiantly indignant.

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