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Looking For A Finite Solution With Infinite Effect….

Far beyond the damage that bigotry records is a far greater tragedy; a most despicable form of pageantry the kind enjoyed by those who benefit from human suffering. Mankind has been faced with the consequence of abhorrent behavior since the dawn of his existence, volumes have been written, thousands upon thousands of hours of audio and video accumulated reporting or discussing the distinction of choices offered and choices made and still most remain defiantly unwilling to see this roulette wheel for what it is. Meaning? Mankind has made no, detectable, cognitive advance that I can find that supports the notion that behind the (current) social upheaval there lies a software upgrade to the human spirit, a recently released enlightenment that would cause one to believe that the current chaos is nothing more than what it has always been; a lie desperately trying to mask itself as enlightenment.

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Biden Surrogates Speak In Circle:

Simon and Garfunkel lyrics tell a great metaphorical tail that speaks to the mythical rhymes of the Clintonesque mime; “I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles, such are promises. All lies and jests still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

Truth is a great terror to most for one very simple reason; most run to avoid being confronted by it, for not wanting to confess one have squandered one’s resistance to the intoxicating grasp of a most promising lie.

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Confrontation: From Here to Somewhere Other Than!

Much is said about the divisiveness that exists in the current era, the climate of ever mounting conflict appearing as an endless flow, sans the ebb, of molten lava laying waste to anything along the path it chooses. Frankly I can’t think of a time when there wasn’t a narrative suggesting or threatening, by someone, that it was highly appropriate that the (then) president should be lashed to and then burned at the stake. And yet, as I consider the matter a bit further, I’ve come to the conclusion that Humans require various attributes of tension to progress, without it how else is forward motion to occur.

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An Econ-Policy Response to Wu-V

As the government works on its initial response to the Public’s economic exposure to Wu-V, forms of guaranteed income whether in the form of subsidized Fed/State unemployment insurance, forms of direct subsidies or even suspension of tax payments/withholding – none of which are novel as the Government has used (previously) these programs many times before, FDR made it regular depression-era routine – what concerns me most is the manner in which the government attends to the needs of Corporate Interests. I’m reminded of the trillions of dollars that went to bailout banks, various mortgage traunches, Corporate and Union Rescues and yet zero-to-none went to those most important to the economic engine of the nation; Middle Americans.

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Hit Job: Target- Kavanaugh

By now it should be clear that Ms. Blasely-Ford is yet another hand-crafted staging of political whoresmanship brought to you by Schumer-Feinstein, Inc. Why not? If you can’t find a substantive objection then simply make one up or even worse, assault an individual with a claim that is indefensible by an accuser who conceals their identity. The identity protection argument  (in question) is deeply flawed in itself with no identifiable regard for the identity she’s attempting to destroy.  It is proving to be a claim upon which many assert as believable and yet no corroborative evidence is forthcoming.

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