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U.S. Welcomes Fascism!

The humility this Nation Suffers lies directly at the feet of Congress, more specifically, at the dour skillset of its political leadership. Yes, the Public bears ultimate responsibility after all we elect these misfits to office. And yet, is it unreasonable to assume that there should be some level of trust, faith or even some measure of a fundamental cannon of order upon which the American People can rely?

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Impeachment & Dumb-Tech Lesson Summary.

Well let’s just dispense with the fill and get right to the point!

Impeachment of Trump, if not absolutely idiotic, is most certainly Unconstitutional:

  • Seeking to petition the government for redress of grievances is, on its own, a fundamental point of the Bill of Rights. When a Citizen of the US is no longer able to do so then whatever government that would exist at that time and under those circumstances, I’m quite certain, would never bother with the Impeachment process.
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Follow the Facts; Timeline?’d

In a recent article, Refusing the Obvious, we offered various commentaries on the dangers of rushing to judgement, the near rabid level of forcing-a-narrative via shutting down decent, by refusing to follow the trail of curious ambiguities and questionable activities; nothing seemed to come of it, not yet.

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Tipping Point Of Undivided Government

Congress is dangerously nearing its own form of insurrection; the hazing Schumer, Sasse, Pelosi and others have falsely accused Trump of demonstrating are they themselves now taking to an extreme. There are so many points of out-of-order to present, the type that effuse hypocrisy and intentional disorder, however I will thin the list to the more relevant.


  • The many who claimed the assault in Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis etc. as being mere “peaceful protests.”
  • The many Anti-Trump hacks that encourage an all-out assault on Trump, Trump Admin Members and the Trump Supporters: Pelosi, Barbara Lee, A. Schiff, Maxine Waters or Mazie Hirono; they’re all still in office and have never been disciplined.
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Refusing the Obvious!

The narrative was seductive and the outcome was predictable. If One is willing to look just beneath the cover of slick dressing the evidence is clear, Trump is a symptom but most definitely not the cause and there are still a few breaths left in the caucus of conscious so don’t think, not for a moment, the battle is over but let’s be clear, the outcome remains inevitable.  A word from a Founding Father, John Adams:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

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