An Asymmetric Economic Recovery:

The Administration loves to talk “Income Disparity” but what they won’t tell you is that the greatest growth in the void is caused by the plunging household incomes of middle-America. Of course the government lunatics will suggest that the cure lies in increasing the minimum wage and thanks to Obamacare they may have actually stumbled upon a tragic fact. As ACA takes further affect and becomes applicable to employers with larger workforces it is a fact that the costs associated with implementing ACA will likely make the economics such that it’s more cost-effective for employers to increasingly favor part-time employment.

“Thus, we will become a nation of households holding multiple part-time jobs.”

 The problem is that with a decreasing tax revenue base who will pay for the massive subsidies required to support ACA? Very good question!” This is what happens when politicians merge with entrenched bureaucrats neither of which have the slightest understanding or capacity to comprehend the massive mess made by a government left to its own and its controlling interests. Raising a sunken ship is one thing; leaving it capsized is not an expected outcome. Where there is no price for failure, success is rarely, if ever, considered an option.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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