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Economic Picture

As Rahm Emanuel said; “never let a serious crisis go to waste”. It is often the distraction of a crisis that leads our attention away from something far more critical. In fact, one might often wonder if the entire scheme isn’t manufactured for that specific purpose.

Condensed version: Both the global economic and political climates (presently) are eerily similar to that of the late 1920’s; serious economic and international unrest that led to what we now think of as WWII. It should be interesting to note that it was the advent of WWII that ultimately served as the genesis of the U.S. and ultimately Europe and Japans economic recovery.

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An Asymmetric Economic Recovery:

The Administration loves to talk “Income Disparity” but what they won’t tell you is that the greatest growth in the void is caused by the plunging household incomes of middle-America. Of course the government lunatics will suggest that the cure lies in increasing the minimum wage and thanks to Obamacare they may have actually stumbled upon a tragic fact. As ACA takes further affect and becomes applicable to employers with larger workforces it is a fact that the costs associated with implementing ACA will likely make the economics such that it’s more cost-effective for employers to increasingly favor part-time employment.

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Bartering with the Morbidly Turgid

As referenced in the article Bartering with the Morbidly Inept I committed to continuing the discussion on the interconnectivity of our political climate and its relationship to the National Debt and the National Economic quagmire. In doing so I toyed with several titles for this current exercise and ultimately decided simply to persist with my personal amusement and elected to stick with the Bartering with the Morbidly… theme. 

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