Bush-Obama; Dreadnoughts of the Governing Class

With both former Presidents recently taking the stage, each for their own specific interests, the press would have you believe that their respective patois was a slice’n dice of Trumps Presidency; not so.

Former President Obama’s presentation, a stump-grinding pitch for Virginia Governor Candidate Ralph Norman, was true to form complete with a delirious droll, well-known cadence and as to content, mostly topical retread. The reality for President Obama, despite our best hopes, is that he’ll never escape the fact that his two-term festival-of-the-entitled is a catalogue of failures, one that history will not soon forget.

President Bush, on the other hand, tendered a presentation that at times offered relevant substance mirroring much of the current President’s own. Where Bush went off track is where both he and Obama share similar points of view, not at all different than that of Clinton’s, all of whom are mere extensions of the Bush Legacy first introduced by George H. W. Bush the “Elder”; the comprehensive Globalization of the planet both in Political and Economic Terms. Bush-the-Jr. openly taunts the listener, if you’re paying attention, with comments like “Our Governing Class.”

Globalization is the current “ism” much as Communism/Marxism/Socialism beforehand and we should hope will soon share a similar fate. It is pure syllogism, a non-sequitur, a personal preference or ambition asserting metaphorical success in support of its foundational illusion.

If the public knew and fully understood the Bush Family network then one would have a most proficient form of clarity for understanding why they fear Trump and even more, why more Americans should be praying he succeeds with his agenda.

Do not presume that I don’t have issues with Trump and his inner circle still, I confess that I’d sooner accept 70 percent of what I want to assure that 90 percent of what I’m certain I don’t never occurs.

The Bush/Clinton/Obama legacy, should the unraveling of the Obama-Clinton regime continue (and the revisiting of the Uranium Deal is just the beginning), I believe that you will soon learn that a “Big GOP Donor” (likely a Bush Family Friend and by the way, Mitt Romney has been strangely anonymous) and a DNC operative were behind the manufactured “Trump Dossier.”

The entire Russian-Collusion scheme, as I wrote a year ago, was completely manufactured for one single purpose: As a cover, by the Bush/Clinton/Obama team, to keep not only Trump from succeeding, but to soil or otherwise contaminate any trail that would lead back to them; they fully expected Hillary to win thereby having no need to explain or defend the indefensibility of their plague-of-collusion. They have wrought the device of conflict and division to derail the conscience and focus of the American Public and so far, given the social disorder that has erupted, they’ve succeeded.

As to the issue of Globalism, a subject I’ve written on extensively, it continues to be shoved down the public portal of conscience despite the fact that the many of these same People intuitively understand it’s all an unadulterated lie; a key reason for why Trump won.

There are many reasons for why it doesn’t work. All one has to do is look at the U.S. economy and debt-load, then look at Mexico (one of the alleged benefactors now more economical imbalanced and politically corrupt than ever before), then look at China ( a top heavy communist regime who’s own Elite don’t trust their financial booty to their own Country and whose entire Military posture’s funding, now a threat to regional stability, represents the greatest economic irony of Globalism), then consider the E.U. (an economically unsustainable experiment and poster-child for the hypocrisy of Globalism so severe that even the U.K. was forced to overcome its own hypnotic addiction by way of BREXIT), and then we have Mother Russia, a nation so effectively cornered by the West’s Financial Cabal that we are now able to observe a direct connection between Russia’s contempt for the West and U.S. entanglement in Syria, problems with Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and N. Korea. This is just part of the price of Globalism while, and fortunately so, the economic price is far easier to demonstrate.

First of all, automation/robotics is an issue, but so was the assembly line. Ask yourself; how many buggy-whip manufacturers do you have employing folks in your local area? This point (automation) affects a necessary economic component and agitating what I refer to as Productive Unemployment produces its own set of problems, but with each problem a solution reveals itself. Given the incompatibility with the Globalist Agenda you can understand why issues/solutions such as Employment are brushed aside in favor of various side-bar distractions meant to glorify the Globalist argument which camouflages legitimate discussion regarding Globalism and why it can’t be made to work.

The following two points identify the primordial core of the Globalist mantra and its flaw(s):

  • It’s methodology affects and isolates massive concentration of wealth outside of the economic cycle; consider, as an example, the accumulated profits U.S. Companies house outside of the domestic economic process. Did you know that it was the U.S. Senate, when passing the Bush/Clinton Trade Agreements, that expanded the features allowing and encouraging this blood-letting to occur?

And equally as important is,

  •  No functional economy can exist if it violates this fundamental economic rule: all  economic activity is local precisely because that’s where all Demand originates. Now then, with that said, if there is no “Demand Capacity” (one’s ability to trade their own resources for something one wants or needs, i.e., Demand) there is no functional economy.

Understand, Capacity is your ability, your time/effort which you exchange for value, value you receive which you then store/bank (all of which comprises your wealth) which then, at a time of your choosing/at your discretion you exchange for what you Demand. If the Economic Structure does not support the climate where the Individual is free to affect the processes of “Demand Capacity” there is no viable economic cycle; end of story.

Globalism entirely ignores this principle believing instead that Industrial Capacity, at the lowest possible price, and debt funded/leveraged capital are the source of economic vitality both of which are completely false, and we know this because if it were true then there’d be no need for a Fiat Currency and a Fractional Banking System. And there would be no government debt and there’d be no violent economic boom and bust economic cycles.

I am now, more than ever, convinced we now have proof that Trump is moving in the correct direction and is quantified and qualified. By the extraordinary tools being used, by those of significant interest who face incalculable losses in wealth and power, want to prevent him from succeeding.

No, without question, the political and social strains upon us are the result of the Dreadnaught’s Illusions making it clear that they are not yet about to give up their control of your freedoms (and future). This may of course be a true statement and many of our Founding Fathers shared the same concern, but they, like me, decided that though it may be true the plenary of options for success or failure remain with you and your right to choose.


Our governing class, has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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