Citizenry: Transitions of Conscience

“Time it was not so long ago when what I thought and believed was based on what it was I knew; so it appeared. The ring of sound, the maize of imagery mixed amid the references that transfixed as if certain then came to be as it was, then to be that it was so and thus the norm as it was to be.

Quite assured of itself the process was and I listened intently taking notes even as I would remark to myself with delight that a venture such as this be undertaken and that I was to be afforded companionship along the way with the many pulling in accord and in common to that which seemed the norm.

Fast appearing and low upon the horizon; at first through waives of heat the image approached distorted and benign.

Pay no mind the voices paged, the maize of imagery mixed amid the references, pay no mind, refrain your thoughts avoid temptation.

Citizenry: Transitions of Conscience will only void the norm as it was to be. Silence the mind and still your fears and rest assured there is no need we cannot fill.

And as to the cliff upon which you stand indulge this invocation: The void is neither unknown nor an ending to concede but merely the expanse wherein there lays our new beginning.

Find calm and reassurance for you possess a certain gift; absorb the suddenness of impact for those who spin the tale.”

Several years ago I was working on a project that involved performing what seemed an impossible task. It was the inevitable conflict which occurs when faced with a demand whose outcome wrestles with the limitation of the available time required to perform it. I recall my boss’s, the managing partner of the firm I was working for at the time, comment:

“Come now Curtis, you know the drill, where there’s a way, there’s a will!”

Walking out of his office I recall being somewhat amused by his contortion of the old adage “where there’s a will there’s a way” and the rather convenient way he self-edited the verse to conform to his preference.  He truly didn’t care how I went about delivering upon his request he simply wanted what he wanted and he paid no mind as to what it would require of me to deliver the product of his request. His “will” and I was to be his “way” of seeing to it that what he wanted occurred and that’s all there was to it.

Many will recall the scene in the Godfather saga where Michael Corleone convinces Sonny Corleone and Tom Hagen that “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” This now infamous script has become a metaphor for all sorts of excuses for licensing many derelictions of conscience and none more conspicuous than those occurring in our ever-evolving form of national corporate-governance where any form of contrived outcome is now acceptable. One mustn’t take it personal after all, it’s merely the business of corporate-governance.

Few in the media and even less in government seem either aware or alarmed that the way of governance is indeed the way of the metaphor where corporate bail-outs are not only conceivable, they are standard practice; where government excesses supported by even further extremes in practice are no longer admonished, they are admired as politically survivable strategies. And, to appropriately re-direct, where national economic interests have been supplanted by the rhythm and rhyme of currency flows openly in search of profitability and each uniformly afforded endorsement at the expense of national economic interests.

Tallyho! We now have a new metaphor weaving its way in to the body of metaphors soon to conjoin with the socially-abstract; it is none other than the politically motivated race-license metaphor. In case you haven’t noticed this Nation’s Chief Executive is, in part, of African descent and the body of intimations made a part of the new metaphor seem to include the following:

  1. Americans voted for Mr. Obama because he was of African descent.
  2. Americans voted for Mr. Obama in part as an admission of race-guilt.
  3. That America is now politically balanced if only because he is of African descent.
  4. That America is not to confuse the current state of affairs as being attributable to the Presidents leadership skills or knowledge-base.
  5. If you attribute any failures in Presidential Leadership then you must be a racist. And,
  6. If the President is held to account for Leadership and Policy failures and is not given a second term, the entire Nation is most certainly racist.

The metaphor then becomes something which appears along the lines of:

“If you take it personal Americans, you are hopelessly biased. If you are biased, then you must be a loathsome racist.”

This then of course gives life to the ultimate superlative which renders the whole of the dissenting governed to the wasteland of apathy and indifference and if this then be the outcome, the apocryphal nature of the metaphor is thus proven. Yet on the other hand:  Why shouldn’t Americans take the consequential effects of failure personally?  Most particularly when,

  • Government renders Americans into near-indefinite indentured servitude by way of perpetual bailouts of failure?
  • Government fabricates the licensing of entitlement on the grounds of political favoritism without regard to Constitutional structure and sound fiscal policy?
  • Corporate interests are given a free-pass to plunder and force an entire Nation into global economic submission?
  • Monetary policy is directed by private-interests while Politicians entitle the whole process through political miss-direction and miss-management?
  • An entire segment of the economic structure (Financial Market Regimes) runs reckless speculative routines under the cover of legitimacy when in fact all they do is extract and redirect wealth away from the Nation economic engine.
  • 70% plus of the American public is unrepresented by or through the kinetic forces driving both the conversation and the processes which affect them.
  • The imposition of multiculturalism vice is used as a mechanism for social engineering conformance.

Yes America, you are taking this all far too personally!  After all it’s strictly the business of globalism; the malignant routine whose single purpose is to dissolve the Individual notion of sovereignty and debase the construct of single purpose into the collective of unstable-uniformity all accomplished with the aid of a willing and compliant government.

All great conquests occur by creating uniform and contained divisiveness or as I refer to above as unstable-uniformity. In order to impress the point by way of a collateral endorsement, consider the following two acutely relevant commentaries extracted from Sun Tsu’s: Art of War:

“Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated.”

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak.”

This notion of unstable-uniformity can be seen and witnessed first-hand in various forms and in no particular order, consider a few of the most conspicuous:

  • Perpetuation of Sex Bias
  • Perpetuation of Race Bias
  • Multiculturalism/Diversity Reengineering
  • Scarcity of Resources
  • Environmental Calamity
  • Fracturing of Moral and Structural Clarity
  • Socialization of Education
  • Political Disintegration
  • Economic Depravity/Dysfunction
  • Sustained Security Threat/Militarism
  • Neutralizing of the Sovereign Individual Construct

Rest assured that the globalist agenda will never succeed though not from a lack of effort and associate collateral damage. As we observe the global political and economic unraveling now underway we must consider this concepts most critical flaw. Its willful avoidance of one undeniable truth:

“It is not the nature of Man to conform. It is Mans nature to rebel against tyranny.”

More and more frequently the inherent flaws of the globalist construct will report and express increasingly severe blows upon the people of the world the consequential aspects of which are directly related to the following:

  • The mathematical unsustainability of the Fiat Money/Central Banking concept.
  • Unsustainable levels of global debt and irrefutable evidence that it is not possible to debt-service it let alone pay it off.
  • The false premise that gives life to entitlement programs. They are not economically sustainable and they can never be government-managed.
  • Localized Social and Economic Demands cannot be served by a global agenda.
  • Corporatized Governance will ultimately, as we are observing, entrap itself and in so doing, render itself completely nonresponsive.

History serves as a remarkable prognosticative resource for anticipating, understanding and opposing an invading force and their companion idolatry. Their strength is always in the ability to define the terrain on which the battle is fought and the speed with which the imposition occurs. Conversely, the most efficient means with which to confront the assault is first by opposing compliance, starving the source and then attacking its constructive weakness.

For the American People to be effective in repelling this structural assault they will (first) have to deal with a serious flaw that has become an imbedded social custom. Americans are simply not accustomed to deprivation regardless of the source or cause. The adverse consequence of this is that American Culture is far too easily distracted by the class- warfare, get-me-mine and I’m entitled routines that have become a part of the culture. As the tyranny-of-government continues its efforts to perfect the un-perfectible notion of global-socialism its indifference to the true nature of man will cause it to increase the intensity of its efforts which will only cause further destabilization.

Understanding the pathology of social-reengineering as I do, the next mutation of what will be the most immediate evolution inevitably seeds the extremist response which occurs from a belief or impression that the apathetic resolve of the masses appears as to be totally nonresponsive. In other words, the extremist response is, in effect, a self-induced tyranny all its own and in its most simplistic metaphorical form it might appear in this way:

“No one seems to see what is happening.  We are at risk. I will not go quietly. I must act.”

Action when merged with repulsion seeds a very enticing and motivating force and the feud continues to expand until some point where the vise-like tyrannical response creates a flash-point and a critical-mass response begins to accelerate. Now then, to be quite clear, the message of this statement is quite noble in its most fundamental form and often the root cause of all great and remarkable outcomes however there is a single word that ultimately defines what becomes the form of extreme; it remains temporarily silent in three explosive letters that when appropriately arranged intimate significant potential:


Let us hope that before extremes become more frequent and abhorrent that an increasing number of our fellow Citizenry, post Transitions of Conscience, will amass and be willing to act with disciplined resolve. It appears that the process is occurring as more and more people are awakening to the fact that the norm is not the norm at all but merely a complete aberration of what would otherwise be extraordinary potential for a truly remarkable outcome.

“At present, all that we observe and to which we presently pay tribute is only a complete and total lie imploding upon itself.”

Violence is never the answer and should only remain as the last and most repulsive of the choices made available. Violence met with violence only exhausts the potential of common and appreciable good.  Yes, fight when one must defend but this is always the weakest of all possible positions from which to impress oneself upon an adversary.

“One can achieve victory from the most potent force of all: Superior Purpose, Superior Cause and Superior Character.  By these alone one is delivered the enemy who, possesses none of these attributes, is ultimately defeated. The most refining gift of all lies in an even greater truth: those who possess these features will never choose to be an enemy.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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