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Standing in Line: A Meaningless Form

Consider this: The ordinary man, his name is Bill, walking down the street who stops when he notices a long line of people standing along the sidewalk of full City block; he looks to his left and right and to him it appears as if the line continues around the block in both directions. His curiosity peaked he crosses the street and asks; “So, what’s this all about?”  One guy responds, “Can’t you see, we’re standing in line!” Within seconds the ribbon of people turn and look at him erupting into a dissonant cacophony of reprimands, “hey stupid, can’t you see there’s a line here, not cuts, go back to the end of the line!”  Annoyed by the response Bill continues along the line occasionally asking the same question receiving a similar response; he turns the corner and again he sees that the line does indeed continue.  He ask a woman; “Mam, can you tell me where the end of the line is?” She responds by pointing over her shoulder and with a bruising pitch proclaims,  “It’s back there!”  

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WiNiP – The Ebb of Decline v7.11

What I Noticed in Passing….

“The lowest ebb is the turn of the tide.”

In the closing line of his poem, “Loss and Gain,” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow crafts a remarkably intimate sense of outcome. In the grander sense of his complete verse (which I include below), his words refine the totality of possible error to which one may be a risk if looking only to the past as a mechanism for predicting the future.

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Citizenry: Transitions of Conscience

“Time it was not so long ago when what I thought and believed was based on what it was I knew; so it appeared. The ring of sound, the maize of imagery mixed amid the references that transfixed as if certain then came to be as it was, then to be that it was so and thus the norm as it was to be.

Quite assured of itself the process was and I listened intently taking notes even as I would remark to myself with delight that a venture such as this be undertaken and that I was to be afforded companionship along the way with the many pulling in accord and in common to that which seemed the norm.

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Globalization – A Strategy for Recovery

The abstract notion of Globalization needs to be revisited.  Proposed and instituted as if it was an inevitable maturation of Capitalism,  many are starting to question the legitimacy as well as the durability of this theoretical ruse.  An edited version of a much larger presentation, still, the points worth considering are still included.

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Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics & the Essential Compass

Always an engaging topic for interactive presentation, listen to Curtis Greco “tease the conversation” on the topic he’s developed entitled Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics.  You’ll enjoy the subject and you’ll want to know more!

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