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Citizenry: Transitions of Conscience

“Time it was not so long ago when what I thought and believed was based on what it was I knew; so it appeared. The ring of sound, the maize of imagery mixed amid the references that transfixed as if certain then came to be as it was, then to be that it was so and thus the norm as it was to be.

Quite assured of itself the process was and I listened intently taking notes even as I would remark to myself with delight that a venture such as this be undertaken and that I was to be afforded companionship along the way with the many pulling in accord and in common to that which seemed the norm.

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Dr. Paul Krugman – Theory & Lustre Lost!

The following entry is actually a posting a placed in response to Dr. Krugman’s NYT artical entitle “Against the Super-Asinine….”  I thought it was sufficiently relevant that I believe you might find it of value too – so here it is:


“Dr. Paul,  the only consensus in “macro” is the incongruent thought equal to the belief that one can find clarity in murky and whimsical waters.


As we’ve talked before, Keynesian Theory is sustainable only within the enclave of protected habitat.  In the real world, where true and “native” economy actually occurs, it is wrought with conflict and divided interests.  Here are a few examples:

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Geithner, EU and Greece

I selected these three iconic references as symptomatic of what goes round-the-globe in the image of a dog chases an ever diminishing tail – asymmetrical response.


The unpolished truth of the global financial playground is akin to ones alarm should your child find themselves in a sand-box having been mistaken, by a cat, for a litter-box.  The cat may not have known the difference but you most certainly do!


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Israel – The Manufacturing of Crisis

Global hegemony is a nasty and complex affair.  It requires constant maneuvering and adaptability in order to manage the massive inertial forces that compound from the mutations of opposing forces – and it is these opposing forces which ultimately doom the process to failure.  Thus the nature of all megalomaniacal forces – hubris always believes it can overcome the law of inevitable consequence, which, of course, is the very weakness or causal force that is the single most critical pathogen. 

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The Obama Factor

March 16, 2009

For the last eighteen months I’ve been satisfying a profound curiosity by studying, researching and reading all things Obama.  The man fascinates me!  I’m intrigued by the way his cabal has been able to mastermind his ascension to the Throne. Truly remarkable!

Not to ignore the fact that with reference to all things sane, salient and substantively providential, I find him the complete antithesis of each.

His ethos emulates great social antagonists of the past/present.  The list is quite large, here are a few and the most conspicuous:

  • Caligula
  • Marie Antoinette
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