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Health Insurance Subsidies; will Trump-Cut Help?

Your first thoughts for understanding this issue is to know that since Obamacare Subsidies began, Insurance Companies have posted Record Profits?  How does one then make a connection that an already failing insurance market, one that didn’t exist before Obamacare was enacted, one that now insures (overall) less people than it did before Obamacare was enacted and one that has caused an average of 160 percent rise in premiums (some areas as high as 239 percent), one that relies more on Medicare/Medicaid coverage than any single other market-source, is somehow and suddenly capable of success if only the President were to leave the floodgate of Insurance Company Subsidies in place?

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Sharing Economy | A futuristic solution or A scheme of collaborative decay (P1 of 3)

More and more akin to a  Neo-Zombie Shape-Shifting fantasy the hype of the “Mesh”, “Pear to Pear”, “Collaborative” economy, a model built on the notion of shared human and physical resources, has one significant problem: Due to the models migratory/transient nature the vertical or horizontal benefits are quite narrow and often short-lived and too often accompanied by little to no contribution toward maintenance of the economic infrastructure upon which the model feeds.

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TIMF E-op No: 1 – The Political Economy

“TIMF E-op” is a bi-weekly series the purpose of which is to hi-light what we believe to be strategic components integral to a national economic reformation. We hope that you will find them of interest and give you great cause for expressing your influence by passing them along. 

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