Impeachment & Dumb-Tech Lesson Summary.

Well let’s just dispense with the fill and get right to the point!

Impeachment of Trump, if not absolutely idiotic, is most certainly Unconstitutional:

  • Seeking to petition the government for redress of grievances is, on its own, a fundamental point of the Bill of Rights. When a Citizen of the US is no longer able to do so then whatever government that would exist at that time and under those circumstances, I’m quite certain, would never bother with the Impeachment process.
  • There must be a valid and documented cause in order to Impeach a President, the evidence must be presented, allow for discourse, the presentation of a defense and then a determination. Constitutionally it is referred to as Due Process.
  • As to Cause of Action, to Impeach a President for the purpose of preventing him from running for a second term is not an actionable cause and thus the entire scheme is attempting to turn the U.S. Constitution against itself and for this reason the entire affair is impossible to occur for any of the previous reasons let alone the item I’ll offer in the following and final point.
  • Notwithstanding any of the previous points keep in mind that ONLY a sitting President can be Impeached.

Dumb-Tech (a.k.a., Big Tech) has just exposed the content of its brain and it has been determined to be filled with apricot jelly:

  • Yes, a Private Company has the ability to offer services the nature, type and extent of which it has every right to determine.
  • A Private Company does not have the right to partition, among those that it does serve, the nature, type and extent of services it determines in a matter that restricts or otherwise disadvantages one User/Customer/Competitor over another; this is the very nature of action that would be subject to any number of Anti-Trust/Restraint of Trade actions. Lastly, for now,
  • Section 230 (FTC): I will tender for your consideration that the moment a company advantages themselves with the protective features of Section 230 they no longer have the advantages of a Private Company to affect or enforce its practices as it sees fit. The moment they avail themselves of a Public-Sanctioned Feature, i.e., afforded by a Public (Government) Agency which they are now shielded by, they can no longer express a Private Bias that has the force and effect of violating a Protected Right, the First Amendment being the most relevant to the current point of order.

Now then, there you have it. Congress is out of control as are those who have taken advantage of that condition.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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