Follow the Facts; Timeline?’d

In a recent article, Refusing the Obvious, we offered various commentaries on the dangers of rushing to judgement, the near rabid level of forcing-a-narrative via shutting down decent, by refusing to follow the trail of curious ambiguities and questionable activities; nothing seemed to come of it, not yet.

We spent time looking at the various timelines, raw video and news feeds, appearances, tracked and orientated each appropriately and discovered something quite alarming, in actuality, precisely what I expected. I’ve studied the text and video of Trump’s speech and do confirm that it is a breach of all standards of sound thought to characterize his speech as being an insurrectionists flash-point which I cannot say for that of Ben Sasse, Beijing Joe, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff etc. Let me be clear, and I promise that you’re going to hear more of this over the coming days, that the timeline, simply stated, doesn’t line up, period. I am not able to figure out how, short of teleportation & time-travel tech, that those who breached the Capitol could have been at Trumps speech at the Ellipse near the White House unless the event (Breach) was coordinated which is exactly what we’ve believed to have occurred.

Folks, I’ve warned of this unchecked, unbridled and pathological dishonesty breaking thru and becoming the cause of a great social schism in this Nation and it has arrived, the tighter the knot the more incendiary and unpredictable the spark.

Again, we recommend immediate outreach to your Senators and Congresspersons requesting that they put an end to the death march they are fomenting. Further, I recommend that Folks stay away from any large gatherings or protests planned or scheduled around the Inauguration; under the cover of Civil (American Civilians) Unrest One should expect that several/any number of American Adversaries (Iran, N. Korea, China, Russia, Cuban, Venezuelan to name the obvious) will use this opportunity to cause serious disruption in/to the fabric of this Nation not to mention the Political, Financial and Business Interests that stand to gain or advance their interests via mass disruption.

As well, and this is critical, do NOT discount for a moment that a select group of elected officials have found themselves trapped in this scheme with absolutely no way out but to confess their complicity and that is NOT going to happen and like them, unwittingly a great many of our American Family have bit the glazed and promising hook of sugar-coated depravity and the invoice is now coming due. I ask that you pray that courage, honesty and character prevail, pray, even if you don’t believe in the power of the spoken word do it anyway!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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