Looking For A Finite Solution With Infinite Effect….

Far beyond the damage that bigotry records is a far greater tragedy; a most despicable form of pageantry the kind enjoyed by those who benefit from human suffering. Mankind has been faced with the consequence of abhorrent behavior since the dawn of his existence, volumes have been written, thousands upon thousands of hours of audio and video accumulated reporting or discussing the distinction of choices offered and choices made and still most remain defiantly unwilling to see this roulette wheel for what it is. Meaning? Mankind has made no, detectable, cognitive advance that I can find that supports the notion that behind the (current) social upheaval there lies a software upgrade to the human spirit, a recently released enlightenment that would cause one to believe that the current chaos is nothing more than what it has always been; a lie desperately trying to mask itself as enlightenment.

Consider, if you dare, a review of the current face of conflict; Anarchists, predominantly Caucasian while none of them have an experience with slavery they insist on presenting themselves as the face of change, choices made available with the promise of stuffing their manufactured premonitions down your throat.

No, this is not or has it ever been about race however it is about Choice and most definitely about the power of discernment. It’s not or has it ever been about privilege, White or Otherwise, however it is about advantage. Mind you, I’m NOT speaking of the type of advantage that has anything to do with race or even the allegation that race endears an element of privilege, not at all; I’m speaking of the type of advantage that a predator looks for when combing for or harvesting targets of opportunity.

“No, this is not or has it ever been about race however it is about Choice and most definitely about the power of discernment. It’s not or has it ever been about privilege….”

Finite Solution with an Infinite Effect is what these Predators proclaim but you wouldn’t know it or consider the clinical attributes concealed by their appeal and why would you? You’ve been conditioned to believe it is your duty to submit to their targeted flagellations and by no exception would you think their challenge not rational or otherwise reasonable after all look at the faces of the reprobates patrolling the streets. All matter and forms of refuse littering the public forum, the Entitled targeting memorabilia, statues, memorials their selective ignorance prevents them from appreciating the importance, the legacy of historical significance and the societal rapport so necessary if one is to appreciate this Nations enduring march toward the perfecting of its own Declaration.

Why is this fascist illusion so important? Why? Quite simple of course: It’s because it’s an easy sell, all you have to do is wrap the opportunity of advantage within the shell of a crisis and you control the narrative. The covert lunacy of a promise fulfilled by way of the Finite Solution with Infinite Effect is pure Edwin Bernays, Freudian-Opioid mind warping and by god look how effective it is; the idea that you can create the perfect response for every possible mutation simply by telling or offering the Public precisely what they want to hear so long as you absolutely never tell them what it is or what they’ll surrender in exchange for absolutely nothing in return. Should sound quite familiar, frankly, Nancy Pelosi articulates the illusion on a regular basis. For example: “…you have to pass the Bill (ACA) so that you can find out what’s in it.”

“…I’m speaking of the type of advantage that a predator looks for when combing for or harvesting targets of opportunity.”

As a cultural order (form) we openly leverage (barter) our fellow Humans, in exchange for personal advantage, with a degree of efficiency that it is now viewed and accepted as a practical necessity. How quickly the political narratives change when the light of day’s shadow casts a different hue and let’s be blunt about it: The body count truly matters only when there’s an advantage to be had.

As was the case with the Cuban Missile Crisis, when only a handful of folks understood how perilously close this Nation came to an irreversible end, we are again in a similar situation only now it is far worse: Combined with a native population that has lost regard for its history, an immigrant population that has no sense of allegiance (yes there are a few exceptions) to this Nation structural ideal, the Economic Cabal that is obligated only to its self-interests and then you have the Political Class/Elite who sole interests revolve around their maintain their positions of power and then ask yourself, who’s left to offset the imbalance?

Whatever cure you may think may be required there is one single overriding certainty we have yet to fully understand: The order of the universe, natural law or the Code of the Devine – you choose – will never alter its structure to accommodate the temporal impulses of Mankind or will it submit to his nonsensical impositions.

We’ve been conditioned to accept conditioning; we’ve done so with not a single reservation as a condition of doing so.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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