Confederate Leaders Removed From Capitol; Next?

Me thinks the mirror should turn on Pelosi and her cabal of nitwits with equal vigor! After all, if we are to apply the same logic then, evidenced by her support for the killing of millions upon millions of children, then her actions should warrant not only her removal from office but also the justification for her being tried for crimes against humanity.

“The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.” CG

In any event, her behavior is far too adolescent, far too misanthropic and far to self-loathing for any person entitled with the level of authority and privileged she enjoys. Ms. Pelosi is, without any doubt, all the evidence one needs for understanding why government fails so effectively.

Yes, absolutely, Ms. Pelosi is the near perfect animation of the Founding Fathers rendering of this Republic’s greatest threat and, ultimately, the causal force behind this Nations collapse into anarchy.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

Comments from Readers:

BY: PO, Ca. –  “If you just replace ‘Trump’ with ‘Pelosi’ I would totally agree. Your claim of non partisanship dies with every post.”
TIMF REPLY: “You’re conflating issues my dear friend! You don’t have to like Trump (or dislike him for that matter) to realize something gravely wrong is taking place. In fact, I will suggest that those who view Trump as the problem have succumbed to the the very threat that I speak of. Trapping oneself into the circular firing squad of moral equivalency, which is what Pelosi typifies, cauterizes an otherwise lucid mind. You’ll like my next post!!! All that Trump has done is temporarily, and only partially, suspend the decay that Liberal Orthodoxy has introduced nearly a Century ago and which, once the Dems discovered how easy it was to intoxicate the Public with promises of excess. I’ve never been wrong on my Political/Social prognostications (well, all but once) which, to be frank, has only gotten easier as the inertial force of social degeneracy is forcing the predictable outcome. If Biden wins the pain the horde inaccurately attributes to Trump will only worsen; guaranteed. I’m right for one very simply reason: Folks like Biden, Pelosi and those that support/provide for/endorse them will never be able to make corrective actions also for one very simple reason: Their ego’s will never allow it. CG”

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