Selling American’s The Ideal

“The problem with Congress is that it is populated by far too many indentured politicians and an insufficient number of stewards capable of opposing them!” Value Given, Value Received – C. Greco 

To understand the great conflict that exists in the Political Enterprise of these United States requires a paucity of effort, the signs are everywhere; take for example this years (2013) Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Washington, DC. The GOP, wildly flailing about over the Great Obama-Thumping of 2012, is attempting to re-brand itself to appear more diverse, to broaden the so-called tent of near infinite diversity believing that if it can be sufficiently enticing to every ambition it might somehow drive life into its failing legacy. 

“NO ONE is selling Americans on America, more specifically, the American Ideal of compelling common cause!” 

Ironically many political pundit points to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as possessing near midas-like celebrity status for its compliment of both technical and messaging skills apparently, it would seem, being the root cause of the Obama 2012 success story however for anyone that studies the political ouija board it should be clear that the President didn’t win a second term, the GOP handed it to him on a crystal platter. The fact remains that on the issue of “message”, really, who sold whom? The predictable was predictable and there’s no science in the obvious; the Obama “wing” showed in underwhelming numbers sufficient to beat a Party-Candidate that was committed to anonymity which is precisely what, in 2010, I stated would happen. End of story. 

The truth of the matter is that none of this really matters; again, it was predictable. If it is ever to matter, the outcome that is, then at some point the idiotic Tent metaphor will need to be dropped along with the various distinctions that are believed to be critical to attracting affiliation; the lunacy of attempting to homogenize diversity. Do you grasp the inherent conflict? Homogenizing diversity? This is the equivalent of threading a beading needle with ships mooring line; it is simply not possible. 

Let’s return for a moment to the manner in which this concept appears; again, the CPAC forum is a perfect example: Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, Rick Perry and if I were to complete the entire list of guest speakers the essence of competing and divergence cause would only become more clear. The point being is that the problem isn’t diversity of opinion; the amniotic fluid of the underlying flaw IS the absence of compelling cause; NO ONE is selling Americans on America, more specifically, the American Ideal of compelling common cause! The Political machinery of this country is seemingly bound and determined to populate itself with the least plausible common denominators the consequence of course is that Americans are not being drawn to the fold, they are crisply being driven from it. 

Politicians have taken the abstract of Individual Interest and packaged the notion as a political hand grenade; touch it and you are either forced to concede or you suffer a politically-driven decapitation. CPAC serves best to understand the consequence unfortunately the GOP and many of the attending speakers appeared completely ignorant of a certain reality; they are simply converging on a common poison and not a common solution. 

If Americans were willing to consider the Nation’s various problems they will inevitably come face to face with the direct consequence of political diversity’s least and lowest form; the uncommon denominator: Roosevelt’s New Deal gave us the ever-morphing and expanding Social Security program; LBJ’s Great Society gave us the beached carcass that is Medicaid/Medicare; Nixon lent a hand by expanding the domain of debt-funded spending’s last barricade when he removed the requirement of International Settlements in Gold; Carter, the Community Reinvestment Act and every President since has lent their influences (along with Congress) to the licensing of a near infinite buffet of trojan-wars, financial and entitlement abuses all aimed directly at expanding the range of politically-driven inducements. 

Selling The Ideal 

The ultimate solution, one might think, is to abandon political parties and this certainly would be a marvelous way-point however without a clear and specific post-party agenda the motive would only lend to further chaos.  The solution has never been the multifaceted notion of Party-Plurality but instead the single and incredibly potent Ideal endorsing the Emancipation of the Sovereign Individual. Consider the historical significance aligned within the concept; why, after all, did people emigrate here in the first place? There was no need for a Statue in New York Harbor for every variant of individual interest, there was only need for one; the outcome of choice thereafter was up to you the Individual and yet what remained were the constants upon which you built a life: 

  • Economic Freedom,
  • Structured Commerce,
  • Religious Freedom,
  • The Justice of Legal Recourse and associate standing,
  • Freedom of Expression,
  • Reverence for risk and reward,
  • Freedom of Association,
  • The Personal Autonomy of individual pursuit,
  • Commonality of Cause & Reverence for the same,
  • Freedom from Political Oppression,
  • Reverence for Life and Sovereign Individuality and
  • The fundamental understanding that Freedom was Unalienable and the Liberty also contained a native prohibition which insured the former.  

Ask yourself if you find offense with any of the scheduled Ideals? Then, consider what person would find offense with any motive or collective interest expressing the potential each of these, singularly and collectively, represent? I should hope that many will find it quite tragic that the very platform upon which the Tent of Diversity asserts the novelty of its embrace were intimate components that once defined the American Ideals ultimate ambition. The risk to current and future Americans is that these fundamental Ideals have been lost somewhere within the bowels of political and selective interests; that the machinery of the Political-Elite have so effectively distanced themselves from these Ideals they now dare not speak or associate with them; they instead wrap distorted non sequiturs within the political hyperbole of the day expanding the illusion which serves only to further divide an increasingly disparate people. 


  • When you define the issue as Immigration vs. the common value of legal immigration you instantly divide the issue on race-specific terms. 
  • When you define the issue along the lines of Women’s Rights you instantly divide the conversation on sex-based terms. 
  • When you define the issue on terms of economic standing vs. the upward mobility that the free exchange of economic capacity brings then you are forced to accept a resolution on terms of haves and have not’s accompanied by an implicit economic quarantine that the false premise promotes. Example: “Living Wage.” 
  • When you purport to resolve consensus on the breach that is the false premise of Choice then you instantly default to faithfully accepting the illusion as true despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Example: Same-sex Marriage is a Constitutional Issue. 

There is no winning an argument built on the belief in a salacious fallacy; you defeat the fallacy only by asserting the validity of fact and this is never accomplished thru directly arguing a fallacy. A lie may be sufficiently repeated such that, eventually, it is believed to be true; nonetheless it still remains, fundamentally, a lie.   

The ultimate outcome rests squarely on the shoulders of the American People; the system as it is will never be able or be willing to repair itself; corrective action will only occur when a sufficient number of people are willing to stand for the Ideal and work for the companionship of the many who find a common value in the Ideals which we share in-common with one another.  It is not or has it ever been the case that diversity binds its un-common vice to an incongruent trait; it is only ever the case that what IS an Ideal will only ever merge with and become that which one has in-common with another.   

The Founding Fathers understood that diversity of principal was an anathema to the underpinnings of the American Ideal; their individuality did, in fact, define them however it was only their willingness to converge upon a Common Ideal that unified and gave life to this Nation; the profound element of selflessness is the pure essence of what ultimately yielded to and became the core of the American Ideal. 

Sell American’s the Ideal by promoting a Party-of-One and Americans will Stand4 and once again be willing to pursue a cause worth perfecting; continue the current approach and we will endure a common failure. 

“Although there may be diversity in opinion, purpose and outcome, Principal has no such liberty.”We Hold These Truths, C. Greco 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder      

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