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CPAC & the Optics of Missed Opportunity

Being oblivious is a political condition that one can excuse; random actions are robust and their frequency difficult to track. On the other hand, deliberate and calculated ignorance is something quite different. Teasing the CPAC audience with the pretense of an emerging political counter-culture may trigger a buzz in social-media but where it counts, in the platform of action the Nation requires, there was no content.

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Selling American’s The Ideal

“The problem with Congress is that it is populated by far too many indentured politicians and an insufficient number of stewards capable of opposing them!” Value Given, Value Received – C. Greco 

To understand the great conflict that exists in the Political Enterprise of these United States requires a paucity of effort, the signs are everywhere; take for example this years (2013) Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Washington, DC. The GOP, wildly flailing about over the Great Obama-Thumping of 2012, is attempting to re-brand itself to appear more diverse, to broaden the so-called tent of near infinite diversity believing that if it can be sufficiently enticing to every ambition it might somehow drive life into its failing legacy. 

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