Tipping Point Of Undivided Government

Congress is dangerously nearing its own form of insurrection; the hazing Schumer, Sasse, Pelosi and others have falsely accused Trump of demonstrating are they themselves now taking to an extreme. There are so many points of out-of-order to present, the type that effuse hypocrisy and intentional disorder, however I will thin the list to the more relevant.


  • The many who claimed the assault in Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis etc. as being mere “peaceful protests.”
  • The many Anti-Trump hacks that encourage an all-out assault on Trump, Trump Admin Members and the Trump Supporters: Pelosi, Barbara Lee, A. Schiff, Maxine Waters or Mazie Hirono; they’re all still in office and have never been disciplined.
  • The leftwing Dem fanatic, James Hodgkinson, that used members of the Congressional Baseball team as target practice nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise in the process.
  • That the Capitol Police and National Guard had no problem being prepared, on November 4th, for a counter assault should Trump win (remember the barricades around the White House, the Supreme Court and the Capitol) but failed to exercise the same caution on Jan 6th? Where were the armed Officers normally posted throughout and about the Capitol complex? The very same question folks were asking back in November of 1963! No, this was a classic staged-event gone terribly wrong but not the wrong you may be thinking. The controllers on the ground expected the Antifa/Proud-Boys to go head-to-head inciting a wholesale riot which never happened, even the animal (who, don’t expect to ever be identified) that point-blank fired on and Killed Ashli Babbitt couldn’t insight a violent response by the so-called “Mob.” Again, the PE “operators” were tasked and “wired” to trigger “plant-agitators” whose purpose was to incite a riotous response and it didn’t happen. Watch the unedited videos and judge for yourself but make sure they’re the raw unedited stream; do these people look like they’re out for a burning of the Capitol? Then look at a news cut from Iran, one showing protests in Tehran and notice the difference between those showing support for the Regime and those in opposition and you’ll observe a striking distinction between the two. The PE are playing for keeps!
  • This is the same Political Elite (PE) that crafted the Russia and Ukrainian Collusion hoax to camouflage their own Russia, Ukrainian and Chicom schemes.
  • This the same PE that allowed the Bush Clan to waste the lives of thousands of U.S. Soldiers and Trillions of Dollars, using false claims of WMD, simply to insure their Oil Wealth.
  • This the same PE that let Clintons, Obama and Biden abscond with Billions of Dollars they laundered thru the U.S. State Department.
  • This the same PE that watched Ambassador Chris Stephens and others burn and despite this country’s ability to identify a target from the depths of space and then surgically attach remotely deliberately sat back and did nothing.
  • This the same PE that orchestrated the Iran Nuke Deal as a cover for the hush-money they sent off to Iran in exchange for their promise to remain silent over illegal U.S. Arms Sales Clinton was managing out of a clandestine (CIA) outpost in Tripoli which, unfortunately for Ambassador Stephens, he walked right into just when the Iranians launched their assault on the CIA munitions dispensary.
  • The same PE who never questioned Rod Rosenstein’s selling of classified information for fear that it would expose the Clintons, Obama and Congressional Leadership’s special-ops concessions that were feathering their own financial coffers.
  • The same PE who when learning of just how deep Biden’s Financial Misdeed had become, when they learned of the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the documented evidence of their various business arrangements with the Chicoms, Russian and Ukrainian Oligarch and then the topper which became confirmed by the Ukrainian equivalent of the US Dept of Justice that Biden’s Legal Team was in active negotiations with the Ukrainians to settle a $13 Billion judgment, yes, Billion, it became clear to them that a Trump Second Term COULD NOT BE ALLOWED to happen, despite the overwhelming evidence of fraud.

Now, with just this bit of information in hand (and there’s volumes more) ask yourself the following question: What is it that Trump has done that would warrant this abuse, not just now but since entering the political landscape of this Country keeping in mind that no one has been able to challenge the facts regarding what he accomplished for the American People; a level of performance never before seen by either a single or as a two-term President. He’s not engaged in a single (new) deployment of U.S. Military personnel and in fact has pushed to draw-down active military deployments. His Foreign and Trade Policy initiatives have been remarkably successful and his domestic agenda has been unparalleled success. He is the first President since Reagan to challenge to a standstill Russian aggression and the first-ever President to effectively check-mate the Chicoms. Think of what he might have accomplished if he’d had Congress as a competent and committed partner. Again, ask yourself what has he done to warrant these crippling assaults? The answer is right in front of you! With Trump in Office the exposure of the PE’s many abuses was inevitable and they had no choice but to do everything possible to keep that from happening.

Then, if you’re still with me, ask why has this cabal of misfits, the PE, found it necessary to encircled the White House with a media blackout effectively silencing the Administrations voice? Simple, the PE are locking down the narrative, just like they’ve done since November 4th, to control the message the Public absorbs. The open and forced revocation, completely and deliberately outside of due-process, of a sitting President’s Authority and not a word of sanity from anyone.

Trump quickly learned that he was surrounded by a team of players bought or threatened into submission yet he believed the kinetic force of his drive would keep them at bay, he like many believed that the truth would prevail and that there were still reliable patriots within the entrails of government that would stand in opposition to those with devious intent, he was wrong. Late yesterday he learned even further how far the encirclement reached; it was discovered that Mike Pence turned on him as well (more on that another time).

Yes, the truth will eventually come out but like the case against the Biden Crime Syndicate (or Hunter Biden) I promise you it will go nowhere, it can’t because if it does it will expose the very people behind the destruction of the Trump Administration and that just can’t happen which is why they’re going to try and run another impeachment trial in an effort to keep Trump from running for a 2nd term. Yes, this is just how sick these bastards are. Yes again, all of you who bought the Biden Good-Trump Bad routine are exactly the type of fools they were hoping you’d be.

For all of you who are dancing about believing that a Biden Victory is your version of the second coming I suggest that you calm your enthusiasms long enough to do something very importantly and very quickly; you’d better start lighting up the phones and email servers and make it perfectly clear to your Representatives that they are not acting in the Country’s best interest but in what can only be described as actions indicative of a fascist regime looking to silence objections and enforce compliance.

To the American People as a whole, you are witness a Government Complex completely out of control, operating in lockstep with an Order that is about to execute the very Orwellian-like schemes you’ve been warned about. The path these fools in Congress are being led down only lead to one place and I promise you free Healthcare, a free Subaru Outback or Toyota Hybrid delivered to your front door is not part of what the PE or their fellow travelers have in mind.

An Undivided Single Party Government is an Irreversible Tipping Point and this is precisely what Trump was trying to prevent.

Yes, this Nation in one sweeping move has become the laughable-stock for of a potent group of International Adversaries who’ve been hoping for a Nation it could never hope to beat simply collapse on its own; the Nation that for generations has held itself up as the “Shining City on the Hill”  is now nothing more than a haven for an impudent group of sanctimonious thieves.

In the end, remember these two points: (1) It will all work out just as it should, just as the Lord above has ordained but it will be for all of us to endure the pain and agony of our individual and collective ignorance until we figure out that stupidity and tolerance is completely unnecessary. And, (2) There is no civil discourse in the fight between good and evil and anyone that tells you differently is a fool.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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