Refusing the Obvious!

The narrative was seductive and the outcome was predictable. If One is willing to look just beneath the cover of slick dressing the evidence is clear, Trump is a symptom but most definitely not the cause and there are still a few breaths left in the caucus of conscious so don’t think, not for a moment, the battle is over but let’s be clear, the outcome remains inevitable.  A word from a Founding Father, John Adams:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

This simple statement explains why this Nation’s future will be decidedly different than its promise foretells. The two ingredients necessary for this unique system of government to thrive are no longer fashionable, no longer held-up as a standard worth asserting or an ideal worth teaching. True, there are a great many who still revere the virtues of this Nation’s founding documents however there are far more who have come to accept the latest fashion, that these documents are nothing more than an obstacle interfering with the roulette wheel of impulse.

As was the case with the anti-war movement of the sixties and the forty-year long malaise that follow and then ultimately forced the Tea Party Movement, the opposition has now been unmasked, the very same Complex (the “Deep State”) that Eisenhower experienced during his war years and then warned of as he left the White House. Yes,  the very same Order that silenced JFK, RFK, MLK, took down Nixon, brushed off Ford, Reagan, issued strong warnings to Clinton and then Obama has now formally and no longer covertly targeted the American People. Trump, for this Order, was and remains a variable never considered a possibility, an off-book annoyance at best that turned into a critical, a very critical threat so significant they just couldn’t waste by way of any of the methods used previously, no, the loan-crazed-gunman wouldn’t do.

Get clear on one vital point: Trump wasn’t their target, you are and he, clearly, was in their way.

All that’s left to defend the freedoms and liberty of those who refuse to surrender are the remnants of the same spirit that fought to slice the chains of British Piracy. Today we refer to it as the Deep State but still the very same pathology that drove the misanthropic lust of the British and that populates the airwaves with the ignorance of script-tethered talking-heads that if not for slip-on shoes they’d run barefoot due to the fact that they lack the higher intellect and motor-skills required to lace a shoe.

How surgical is the effort? Massive as it is remarkable and if the 2020 General Election doesn’t sufficiently clue you in then take a look at the outcome of the January 5th Election in Georgia. How was it possible? The more appropriate question is: Why is anyone surprised? After all, when you removed any barriers that would otherwise insure a free, fair and authentic election would any rational individual expect otherwise? Further, for those of you who think that this is so utterly fashionable and evidentiary of a new strata of intellectual prowess think again; review the history of Hitler’s rise to power and you will witness a valuable valuable lesson in comprehensive public stoogery (yes, it’s a new word.)

Beyond the horror of witnessing history record the plundering of this once great Nation, actually an historical pattern repeating itself, is that those who observe and object to what is occurring are being seen as the villain all the while being excoriated by the very nymphs who are themselves manipulated by puppeteers hiding in plain sight. Yes, I’m well aware that there is so much yet to learn about the world and the universe around us and so little I truly do understand and yet, as I watch the behavior of those we’ve entrusted with such immense power I’ve become horrified to discover how truly incapable they are, how disinterested they are in perfecting their character and how easily they are turned away from the oaths they have sworn to uphold, they are irretrievably spineless.

What does it say about the Ruling Classes when nearly 71 percent of GOP Voters question the results of the 2020 General Election, that 72 percent of American’s distrust the Media Complex and Congress manages to record an 85 percent disapproval rating? You blame Trump for this? Really? What you should consider is that the events of January 6th, 2021 are a direct reflection of how distant and detached the Order of Governance is from the People and it couldn’t be more clear when you hear Elected Officials assault an outgoing President for being the cause and by doing so excuse their own complicity in the very failures that gave license to his candidacy. The hypocrisy is chilling and frightfully pervasive.

Many confuse my political commentaries, specifically those occurring during the current Administration’s term, as a sellout to all things Trump which of course would be a conclusion in polar opposition to the truth however, rest assured that I am clearly aware and well-schooled on the scurrilous forces that allow a Bush et al, Clinton, Obama and Biden class of vermin to rise to positions of power and that very power base is precisely why the American Public’s regard for the effect of their influences to be so abysmally low and plummeting further. Count on it, six months from now you’ll regret having supported the curvature of truth and the horror that the Biden-Bush clan will have unleashed on the American People.

This Country’s Systems of Government, at all levels, has now permanently moved from being in service to the Public to being, strictly, in service to a cabal of predatory interests. A government that refuses to openly cure its defects and abuses is also incapable of acknowledging the same and likewise, addressing the scourge of excesses it levies upon the People.

To Refuse The Obvious is not a show of strength or of dominance; it’s an outright display of hubris, a temperament wholly incompatible with the rhythms of a functioning representative democracy. Even now, as I prepare to file this writing, Congress is in session and instead of facing the court of public trust with evidence for proper and appropriate adjudication the Republicans are cowering like a litter of wounded puppies while the Democrats glaze their newly acquired postures with that pre-pubescent smirk made famous by the likes of Anthony Weiner, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Shameful, the jelly-filled lot of them, you’ve added your names to history’s record of those who’ve made a mockery out of this Republic.

There is good news though for which I am most grateful: I’m certain that the Good Lord lives well above and out of reach of the boneheaded and horrific things we Humans do. I’m also calmed by the fact that he will long outlive each of them.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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