Cuba: Any Other President!

With a trickle-down view of the various regimes populating the planet, many/most with which the U.S. maintains diplomatic relations, there is something quite unusual about the 50-plus year Cuban/U.S. standoff. Clearly, post the Khrushchev sabre rattling of the early 60’s, Cuba is not an economic, political or security threat.

Given our well-rehearsed mantra (making the world safe for democracy) why then are the Cuban people not deemed worthy of American Intervention? Why the enduring stand-off? What is it about the Castro brothers that has stymied the U.S. moreover, what is it that the Castro boys know about U.S. intelligence actions that has been sufficiently potent for keeping the U.S. at bay?

Face it, the Obama Administration is not a well-oiled machine, most conspicuously where foreign policy is concerned, and the fact is that any other President could have made the same move as he. In other words; this is no stunning policy victory and more to the point is that the attempted exiling of this island nation has been nothing short of an uninterrupted exhibition of policy-bungling (failure).

The Neo-U.S./Cuban story is a matter of convenience occurring strictly as a bi-product of plunging oil prices and diminishing contributions of Russian/Venezuelan fun-money that has long kept the island nation afloat. It comes down to this; a diminishing time line for both Raul and Fidel-the-elder as well as Mr. Obama in search of a legacy and I suspect he’d be willing to sell White House time-shares if  it were necessary to achieve it.

Cuba, like many nations (including much of the Middle-East) are scarred by the collaborative abuses of corporate-governance and it will take a truly great nation to willingly overcome its own failures by flexing its character in lieu of its muscle. The Castro brothers great success has been built on the strength of failure and the ability to express a controlling message.

This truth places them in great company with many other political whores known for their uncontrolled megalomaniacal tendencies. History shows well the cause of a once great nations demise; self-destruction.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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