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Shooter James Hodgkinson: Lone Wolf or Act of Rage?

They were simply practicing for a baseball game, ,attending a Christmas Party, dancing at a nightclub, children at school, sitting in a movie theater, working in a high-rise office building, spectators watching a marathon, folks taking an evening stroll along the promenade; examples of simple routines challenged by one of the most twisted affronts, save for aborting a child, to the conscience one can think of; the taking of Human Life.

The various stewards of our fashionably civil culture have moved away from reverent outrage and on to the snap-shot approach where honest inquiry is avoided and the clean-lines of prepared inside-the box script is preferred. The Lone Wolf reference is such an example, two words and there you have it, nice, clean and appropriate, everything explained.

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Lone Wolf; another Iconic Illusion!

With each crisis comes the invitation for further expansion of Government powers. Despite the known fact that each of the 9/11 terrorists where known to security agencies we were still rewarded with the Patriot Act and DHS and their various iterations. Over the last year or so the use of the term “Lone Wolf”  has become the latest label for any action that can’t be explained or calibrated within the realm of politically correct bureaucracies.

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