Shooter James Hodgkinson: Lone Wolf or Act of Rage?

They were simply practicing for a baseball game, ,attending a Christmas Party, dancing at a nightclub, children at school, sitting in a movie theater, working in a high-rise office building, spectators watching a marathon, folks taking an evening stroll along the promenade; examples of simple routines challenged by one of the most twisted affronts, save for aborting a child, to the conscience one can think of; the taking of Human Life.

The various stewards of our fashionably civil culture have moved away from reverent outrage and on to the snap-shot approach where honest inquiry is avoided and the clean-lines of prepared inside-the box script is preferred. The Lone Wolf reference is such an example, two words and there you have it, nice, clean and appropriate, everything explained.

In reality, however, it’s not that nice or is it by any means clean or appropriate and yet the Lone Wolf explanation covers a fair amount of ground. In the skilled hands of a synthetic voice it offers a convenient cover for failure and removes culpability and the burden of personal responsibility. The Lone Wolf description surreptitiously provides for a conclusive explanation on one hand while on the other the ultimate pass. The type that further enables the government’s stripping the Public of their sovereign rights, expanded spending, additional fodder for the contra-political argument that the party in power is simply not doing enough. And the security/intelligence apparatus the ability to waive-off systemic failure after all, in a Nation of 330 plus million, how do you find the Lone Wolf until after their plan has been executed.

So long as one stays inside this flawed rationale, that Lone Wolves only function within their own operational sanctuary and to be sure some do (Jeffrey Dahmer is such an example), then the argument/theory works quite well. However, in the tormented world as it presently exists, the causal force is in one part quite easy to identify and target and yet extremely elusive which is why the Lone Wolf caricature works so efficiently.

Americans understand that the world and the Country (National Culture) is deeply fractured and to the point where many have come to question the stability and/or rationale of this Country’s founding principles. Many also increasingly oppose those 60’s era hold-overs who were pagan-sycophants of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Herbert Marcuse and now in positions of power and committed to redefining them.

As this continuous assault on the senses promises no solution or prospects of resolution, and absent any authentic, cogent, disciplined or high-road (Common Ideal) leadership, the enraged have no source of hope and for this reason the pressure grows. While much of this unsettling bile has been deliberately forced upon folks thru political rhetoric, ideological sensationalism and neo-fascist rancor the fact remains that the consequential effect has by no means reached its peak. This festering repulsion (rage), the likes of which we’ve never experienced, continues to grow and largely due to the omniscience of electronic media/communication, the mechanism thru which this new form of ideological cannibalism replicates.

Whether as an extension of religious or political zealotry the outcome is still the same and the problem and issues arising out of it will continue so long as tolerance for their cause remains, relevant targeting of inclement forces continue to be off-limit topics and opposition remains silent.

So long as the discussion takes place only after the act occurs, so long as the distinction is defined using the polarizing boundaries of us versus them. So long as the discussion revolves around whether Elected Officials deserve security details while millions of Americans live their lives day to day without the privilege of dedicated security services, there will be no change and only a deeper divide where greater and greater forms of rage are left to fester until some poor soul’s sense of vulnerability and disgust is expressed by way of a deeply senseless and mindless act!

Just because you haven’t been face to face with, maimed or killed by an act of Terror don’t believe, not even for a moment, you aren’t or haven’t been-being terrorized!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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