The Peevish & Uniformed Should Honor Their Promise and Leave!

“PUAAS” (Peevish & Uniformed Adult-Adolescent Syndrome) is once again on stage. The oh-so pseudo intellectual snobs are putting you on notice! You are at risk of being denied the anointing of associate citizenship should Hillary be turned away from the White House.

It occurs to me that a thin layer of microbial ooze has been allowed to form around Media Personalities (including Professional Sports) elevating them to near Omniscient status complete with an alluring luminescent haze. Yes indeed, their self-absorbed wisdoms, it is presumed, should be catalogued as part of the very reference section where God alone retires to feed the Divine’s probative inquiry. Again the horde of celebrities, most recently by Barbara Streisand, are voicing the awe-inspiring and earth trembling threat of threats; “I’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins!”  

I wonder; what is it about these types that make them arrive to the point where they assume command over the sovereign individual’s conscience? Moreover, what does it say about the depth of ones commitment or level of conscientiousness should a reasoned shift in sentiment so easily threaten the illusions they live under? The answer is as transparent as their motive; they’re Fascists whose authority relies on the backs of countless minions who elevate their status by drinking the swill they dispense.

Clearly they’re trouble by the Ideal of this Nation’s foundation; at odds with the elementary attributes that are the underpinnings of their, dare I say, success. Why then, if the air they breathe is so toxic, not simply seek refuge in a nation rich with the rarified air they require? The tide is turning as the illusions veil increasingly dissolves and they’re in what I pray is nothing short of an unrecoverable slide. Of course, it’s only a beginning; the direction it takes is up to you which, by design, is precisely how it was meant to be. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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