Elliot Rogers: The Impunity of a Synthetic Culture

It’s unclear to me whether the culprit is more a function of ignorance or arrogance; in a manner of speaking, it is likely both. Whether it is an age of tech or indulgence one thing is certain; we are in an era of mass-indoctrination thru media-driven vice and it is clear we’ve dared not to consider the significance of the effect, at least not yet.

The tragedy is not the method employed as the causal force resides purely in the choice or choices made. In the synthetic age of indulgence where we measure freedom in terms of impunity, the significance of otherwise native prohibitions increasingly loses their grip on our conscience and it shows in multiple facets of contemporary life.

Have you noticed that we give more eye-to-eye contact with a smart-phone than we do with the person sitting next to us or worse, the horrific ramblings of a diminished ego, consumed by mind-rats, venting their adolescence via the no-risk anonymity of a web-based bulletin? In the category of “Sins of the Father” there may be an interesting connect-the-dot moment worthy of consideration: track the storyline of “The Hunger Games” and then query (if only as the Elliot Rogers rampage); should anyone be surprised?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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