American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Not much to offer, complimentary or otherwise, about the latest “rescue” plan that I’ve not previously opined; Congress has an unholy addiction to excess and as to the American People, one third is itself equally addicted, one third doesn’t care and the sufficiently disenfranchised representing the remaining third hasn’t yet figured out how to overcome the dead-weighted noose of the others.

On thing, however, that remains positively promising is the talent pool responsible for populating the advertising airwaves with supremely annoying names assigned to medications they pimp the public. Congress must be using the same group for manufacturing titles for Bills they pass; “American Rescue Plan?” Oh My!

Having studied the bill, from inception thru committee/conference and then on to final passage I can assure you that this work product is completely divisive in nature, selective in its focus and deliberate in its political favoritism. This type of legislative act invariable requires a follow-up as a matter of necessity simply because it makes no lasting accomplishment, affirms no single sustainable ambition or does it require or establish affirmative compliance, not a single one. Next month, once the $1,400 per taxpayer is spent, once the States continue spending money they don’t have and with no implementable economic development/expansion to counter the exhaustion of taxpayer revenue streams, what then? What then?

You can’t harvest opportunity or advancements you refuse to seed!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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