China’s Bid for Chicago Stock Exchange

While many Americans seem smitten with the fantasy-plans of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or the Tried & True policies of failure promised by most GOP Candidates, they’re simultaneously ignoring the fact that while this love-fest continues so does the accelerating move to force further depravity upon the American public.

This long-term plan is now near-term. Globally disperse the financial and productive capacity of the country, dilute the sovereign American Identity and thereby leaving a reckoning economic or political force with only its personal interests to preserve. Welcome to the dystopian-era of global conformity.

It won’t work of course but that won’t prevent the attempt or the agonizing turmoil that accompanies the process. China, despite appearances, is not the threat; it is merely the tool. China, as a so-called economic powerhouse, exists only because it was constructed to appear that way much as the Gulf of Tonkin was constructed to lure the American public into supporting the Vietnam War (The Gulf of Tonkin incident, it is known, actually never occurred).  Allowing the Chinese Company, Chongquing Casin (a privately held company originally funded by the Chinese Government), in simplest terms, is yet another effort to disperse economic autonomy and open the port thru which further diminution or diluting of the domestic economic order, what there is left of it, will move forward.

True, one could argue, that the Chicago Exchange is diminutive in scale compared to those based in New York however, it is also the case that even the smallest prick of the skin is all that is required to introduce a deadly poison. It is also the case that what today, here in the U.S., is known as Corporate Governance, formally imbedded into the system of non-accountability, finds its origins in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the skin prick that gave us the Global Central Banking System. If you aren’t prepared to guard against the flagrant bias of the Global Piracy then you best be prepared to accept that they’ve no intention of safeguarding your future.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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