Ebola – When Mishandling is a Crisis All Its Own

It is estimated that the Black Death (Middle Ages) wiped out approximately one third of the European population; again, one third. Previous Ebola outbreaks typically occurred in rural areas where population concentrations are less and trend toward a more rapid burn-out rate. Further, despite certain media claims that those infected with the Ebola virus remain infectious for no more than 72 hours it is important to be aware of three critical points:

(1) The Ebola virus has an incubation period of at least 3 weeks.

(2) The Individual can be completely asymptomatic.

(3) The Ebola mortality rate can be as high as 70 percent.

In short, it should be clear that any reticence regarding a full-scale push toward educating the public as to the hyper-risk of the virus’s mobility, particularly within the asymptomatic incubation period, is a crisis-point all its own. And, given our current no-boarders fashionably-conscientious culture of academic-bureaucracy, it seems that CDC is woefully unprepared to address an emergency that is outside the corporate-driven pharmaceutical regimens.

True, providing palliative care and working toward perfecting both a vaccine and antidote are important however far more important is that we get off the wrong end of the solution. For if we don’t, considering the massive concentration of people in inner-city/metro-areas alone, the status of overload can occur frighteningly quick. Even if the Ebola mortality rate were as low as 50 percent its pandemic course will easily overtake the morality rates of the Middle-Ages.

Cutting off access to the U.S. for any flight originating in Africa is a must. Educating the public as to risk and symptoms is essential. Concentrating care into regional retention facilities, for containment purposes, needs to occur yesterday. Training caregivers in proper procedures as to both detection and hygienic care is an absolute. Tracking and detaining of individuals traveling in the affected areas should have been obvious and the fact that U.S. Air Transport Companies have yet to suspend service is a classic example of arrogance overriding the intellect of common-sense. It is yet another example of a self-absorbed notion appealing to the soft-underbelly of political-correctness administered by apparatchiks. Yes indeed; when mishandling is a crisis all its own!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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