G20; China Delivers A Presidential Descent!

While Chi-Coms frantically work to construct a global-bicep they’re also in critical need of a message that masks the fact that their economic engine exists largely due to U.S. & Old Europe investment. In other words, China and much of Asia’s economic footprint is merely a function of having accepted what the U.S. & E.U. exported out of its own domestic economic and intellectual development capacity under the guise of Free-Trade being the cover for expanding the capture-capacity for greater fields of plunder.

One needs to understand that the Chinese social/political philosophy is patently, well, as old as China and largely as misunderstood as is the frequency with which it is ignored. The Chinese paradox of influence is not so much in its words or chronic fabrications of their totalitarian regime. It’s best understood and witnessed in the fabric of subtleties imbedded within what it does. .

The kerfuffle occurring on the tarmac in China (G20 Summit), whether with National Security Advisory Susan Rice or the scripting of an unceremonious arrival of a U.S. President, make no mistake, this was a royal Chinese dismissal not shared by any of the other arriving Heads of State. While the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy busies itself with “PC” laced fantasies its wasted decades of accumulated regard for U.S. global presence (right or wrong) simultaneously exposing to the world just how at ease U.S. Political Leaders are with selling-off and selling-out the America People in exchange for the short-term rewards received from the Pimps they serve.

There should be no mistaking the significance of this fact in particular where the Chinese mind-set is concerned. The Chi-Coms have fully absorbed the principals imbedded with Lenin’s promise; “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” and while the U.S. has, with relatively little objection, surrendered the order of principles upon which its strength was forged – exchanging them instead for the practices of a street-corner hustler – the Asian mindset observes this conversion as tantamount to throwing an elderly parent out into the street. By the way, strength built upon the weakness of an adversary is a classic tenant of Sun Tzu legacy teachings. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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