GOP Candidates Pitch Tax Plans; Meaningless!

If you don’t return regulatory power to Congress, if you don’t reign-in government index-based spending, if you do not get Government out of social mandates by moving them out of Government control, if you don’t induce regenerating a U.S. based Economy (vs. favoring otherwise) and if you do not restore a sound money/banking policy (which has concentrated capital within the existing system’s own speculative ventures) then renovating the Tax System is meaningless.

As it is, unelected officials are promulgating regulations (Laws) while growth in Government spending is inevitable because each year’s spending levels begin as a baseline with prior year spending. Add-in the established annual indexing and before you even consider additional programs you’re already above the prior year level.

Proof of governments inability to manage fiscal issues is most conspicuous by considering the $150Trillion in unfunded mandates; spending commitments – primarily for Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security and related benefits – already committed to, but yet with no known funding source in place. Understand that there has never been a system that actually originates the benefits provided. They are imposed upon the so-called Private Sector and so if the Private Sector is already providing the services why not require them to be accountable to their management and operation?

The fix is simple and quite elegant in its efficiency and more fully described in my book “Valor in Prosperity.” The American people represent the single greatest Consumer-Block on the planet, the single greatest source of innovation. Why then is there no burden placed on Corporations for having access to said marketplace? Why, when you are the single greatest source of innovation, are these “innovations” developed and produced outside the U.S.? Any time you hear a person say that we’re now “in a global marketplace” or “we’re faced with global competition” you need only say this: “…it’s an illusion created to support the move toward further globalization.

It is a complete charade to conceal the financial benefits to interests who prefer the insulated value of no-economic-boarders, creating the only type of competition they can truly control. The contest between those interests with money and the political interest it purchases versus those who have no such advantage. But then the American people are also to blame for this. Stop purchasing Apple iPhones made outside of the U.S. and watch how quickly the status quo changes.

Donald Trump is correct when he states that wages in America are too high, but what he should add to it is this: they’re higher, but that is in response to the higher costs of living and the higher costs of living are due to one very simple and incontrovertible fact – the U.S. is very deep into a fiat monetary policy. The only way to generate growth is thru the tool of inflation and the only way to pay for the blisteringly high cost of government is to place layer upon layer of government costs on nearly every level of commerce within reach of government revenue generating powers.

The fact remains that though many may want to blame the disparity of wealth on the 1-percenteres the truth is far more painful to admit. It is to the 99% of the population where nearly 75 percent of government spending is directed. Yes, I know, the facts are painful.  It’s far too easy to launch favorability toward political candidates that will tell you what you want to hear.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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