Israel: Pressing a Push on Iran

The right of self-defense is an absolute, however in the equally opaque and shifting sands of the Middle-East too often what is observed is nothing more than a cover for something else. The origins of which having more to do with interests outside of the area and little to do with the elements of faith.

Another absolute: There will be no meaningful agreement with Iran regarding Nuclear-Arms capacity (they’ve already proven they have the capacity). The notion is the very breath in the driving wind of extremism and I assure you there are more extremists than there are U.S. Citizens and so automatically they perceive numerical superiority. Moreover, when you add the East (Russia/China) – West (U.S./Old Euro) battle of positioning the extremists discover both convenience and cover; a most dangerous recipe for a most deadly form of stupidity.

Is the Gaza conundrum a signal, by Iran, to the West? Is Israel’s response a probing/pressing push in return? Absolutely on both accounts, however it’s far more dangerous than a simple test of wits. The Iranian Regime has sized-up the U.S. Administration and considers the staffing to be not only inept, but weak in the most critical attribute of presence most necessary when facing an adversary. The integrity of absolute conviction and if Emerson’s phrase, “what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear a word you say”, is indeed accurate then the Iranian Regime is simply responding on fact.

It has been, and it remains so, that my opinion is that the West, as its strategic approach for justifying a deadly response, is allowing available options to diminish in order to create the opportunity for a miscalculation by the opposing forces who will execute a tragically stupid mistake. One that is so deplorable and despicable that a full-scale military action will not only seem rational but the public sentiment will actually insist upon it. This should sound strangely familiar.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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