Obama Stumping Minimum Wage Bump

I’m holding out for a time when a politician is publically shamed on-air for being a fraud. Picture this: The President is feeding the line that your worth more pay, that the minimum wage should be raised or that a living-wage should be a national standard and then someone in the audience opines; “if you really believe what you say then shouldn’t you take a pay cut!”

Here’s the facts: Yes, the socialized-illusion is that all it takes to save the working-poor, or to repopulate the evaporating middle-class, is to pass an indexed-based wage law. Yes, I get that in the impulse-driven, quick-fix, world the idea seems quite fashionable even though it is counter-productive. The problem is that wage-disparity is not a function of wage-policy it’s a function of inflation which will always place wages behind the inflation-curve.

To effectively fix the wage-disparity (with cost of living) issue you have deal with the root causes of inflation the nature of which, in this case, is directly attributed to U.S. Economic (Monetary, Trade and Tax) Policy, or better said, the absence of it.When government attempts to create wealth it has one and ONLY one choice; it creates debt and government-directed debt is always a kinetic inflationary force.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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