Putin’s Magnificent Obsession vs. Obama’s Deliberate Indifference

Where geo-political order is of interest the presence of leadership is required; conflict occurs where there is no such presence of leadership. Whether a nation-state or a regime-like horde, the spark of insanity is always driven by its predatory nature of self-interest/preservation leaving the only viable option to this form of lunacy being the opposing influence of leadership; remove it and you’ve certain chaos.

The U.S. needn’t be the global policeman so long as its presence, the “influence of leadership”, is known and based on its internal strength (social, economic, political cohesion and military.) Coupled with the mess the West has made of Russia (and in-progress with China), the E.U.’s  insanely unrealistic premise rendering the entire region a cross-purpose co-dependent farce, the Nuclear & Regime-endorsement (by Obama) of Iran along with the calculated indifference of the U.S. under Mr. Obama’s whatever-it-is form of leadership the inevitable spark-of-insanity is certain to ignite.

Yes, what else is there for Putin to do but to ally with Iran, Iraq and Assad? What else does one expect the Arab-States to do but to assert its own interests? What else does one expect the Israeli’s to do but to play both sides? Each/all driven by their own self-interest/preservation, absent the presence of leadership, begs if not out-right assures conflict. Until such time as humans grasp that predation/war is the aberration and not the norm the Threat of Influence will need to remain the best opposition to it. Yes, peace thru overwhelming strength.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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