The Bias of Poli-Sexualism

The moment government is licensed to redefine the meaning of meaning is the point at which reconciliation becomes impossible. There is no more less congruent components of reason than the case where what has always been is now deemed meaningless purely by a universal force who, by pure force of contemptible impulse, stakes an advantage merely for the sake of divisive-advantage. Reason, logic and natural order be damned while a new form, a Fascist Idiocracy, takes its place.

There’s no sense pitching an argument for purposes of exposing the lunacy of Gender Bias for the very same reason no one, to date, has been willing to take on the issue, in constitutional terms. The issue of sexual orientation preferring instead the intellectual hypoxia of judicial mandates. It’s quite simple if you understand the orientation of the U.S. Constitution which, singularly, gives standing to “Man” based exclusively on the primacy of the species’ native (biological) form, i.e., male or female to either of which there is no bias and to believe or contort the legalities of the point in an attempt to infuse an alternate interpretation will not alter the facts. You either are, with the exception of the extremely rare hermaphrodite, a male or a female.

In short, both sides avoid the specifics of the point for one very simple reason: in the face of political and social distortions, having penetrated the Supreme Court, neither side is prepared to test the Justices Constitutional reverence. Either way the point at hand remains; clearly espousing a reinterpretation of Man’s reproductive structure isn’t due to man morphing, biologically, into a gender-splicing of its biological/reproductive form. However, it is more so that for reasons of fashionably, a form of social counter-ethos or possibly an issue of identity-conflict, the fact remains that the issue has smitten the political-viper looking to seed political capital by lofting the issue to a point where the fascist idiocracy would take notice of its inertial value of its divisive power; let the damage begin.

Choice, or any matter of choice, is not or should ever be a legislateable event. It is not or should it ever be the purview of government to affect or score what you do in its quest to enhance its political advantage, no more than it should be the right of anyone to impose their choice upon you. You may think your Freedom entitles you to do so however, you must always understand that one may not be at Liberty to do so. Your choice never entitles you to re-calibrate, by force, the impact said choice has on another; to think otherwise is to express the nature of a Fascist-Idiocracy. Confining the role and function of Government is the only humanly-survivable form of governance.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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