The Wall of Injustice

While the Biden Administration works to pry political advantage out of human tragedy, with their watch us bait’n-seed- failure concurrently with incinerating virtue all-the-while the world watches in horror, the whole of humanity deepens its bewildering attachment to the absurd.

We’ve not yet tired of the “give me your tired” pitch now an integral part to the Political Culture just as Vote Harvesting is the latest livery of Social Justice. How did preying on those who suffer under decades of abuse, by fascist predators and their puppets, become a fashionable form to be cultured as if it were some form of virtue? Does this observation elicit an element of suspicion? Of doubt? Then consider, if you dare, the strategically placed and edited news clips highlighting the misfortunes of those – being openly encouraged by Beijing-Joe and his regimented horde – breaking the laws of a sovereign nation on every occasion that the U.S. Border is breached.

Now that there is no new world remaining on this or any continent, no location of raw and virgin plains or forests untouched by Man I think it appropriate to consider a very important question: With no alternative destinations available, were do I go where One might not be subjected to these random acts of predatory lunacy? Those who espouse the open border objective, particularly those who adorn themselves with the “I am my Brother’s keeper” (a complete warping of this scriptural cue) narrative should exercise there intellects with the very same query: Are you willing to do without? Or are you only willing to insist that only those you selectively identify should do without?

To escape predation many of our ancestors came here. Now then, now that depravity and the political poachers are at your door ask yourself the following:

  1. What now?
  2. Who stands for me?
  3. Who takes sides with my right, my sovereign right to be?

Hidden within the answer to this question is the oft ignored reality no opportunist dare expose to the public or will risk approaching with any level of earnest inquiry. Are we nothing more than a helpless swarm of locusts with no ability to control the urge to destroy and now having laid waste to the orchard of low hanging fruit we’re now moving toward the acquisitioning of a new prey?

The subject of Immigration, particularly when appearing as a policy narrative, is entirely a Political Prey-Making Machine, a sadistic form of political theatre at the heart of which is a powerful seed whose root system is at the heart of why all once great nations fail. It is the plant that as it takes hold becomes a festering wound that while it consumes all healthy flesh it also is actively destroying the hosts ability to cure itself.

And so, while the sweet-tasting syrup of social-justice will have you guilt-ridden with the toxicity that it is your duty to save another from themselves by sacrificing the resource of you. And NO, by the way, virtue and sacrifice are not or are they ever a paired-condition expressing a sacred ideal to be celebrated, in fact they are often used to weaken the incidents of divine character, inspired acts/expressions of higher purpose or One’s higher gift.  While the purest source of understanding will come from One dedicating time to the study and understanding of The Bible Story of Cain & Abel Military Cemeteries are completely full of examples of this very explicit from of distortion.

Quick summary: With the help of the Chicoms, the Cartels are bussing Humans to the boarder. Using unaccompanied minors (children) as anchors they openly lob across the U.S. boarder. The purpose of this is to flood the U.S. with ready means (inventory) for assigning heretofore unknown family members to these “minors” creating, instantaneously, a pipeline thru which they will traffic a steady stream of drugs; they’re mules and over-burden the already morbidly obese Public (Federal & State) Welfare / Social Services & Healthcare System.

Yes it is absolutely the case that the Biden Administration has re-seeded the abuse but let’s be honest this fabulously grotesque routine was made possible long ago by Admirative Declaration at the Federal Level (and then abused by the States) and never challenged. This open form of treachery has been used (abused) for granting citizenship to a child, of an Illegal, born in the U.S., giving “standing” to a “unaccompanied minor” and expanded to accommodate both refugee and sanctuary claims. The consequent effect is that, for purely political gain, the abuse of the U.S. Immigration is allowed to continue.

The fix is quite simple: Close the Boarder and push entry into the U.S. thru established ports of entry where U.S. Immigration Law (existing) is to be enforced. Period!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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