Ukraine’s Developing Chernobyl!

Suffering, on many levels, from the dissolving political, social and economic order exposes an entirely new problem – for the former Soviet client – and it’s a seriously deadly one at that.

Ukraine’s energy grid is heavily dependent on its aging Soviet-era nuclear reactors twelve (of 15) of which are now at or nearing their life expectancy. Though last months (Dec ’15) hack, shutting down a large portion of their power grid, should cause ones thoughts to fester as to the developing risk of a Fukushima-type disaster.

After all, nuclear reactors need electricity to operate if only to keep their reactor core circulating pumps (for cooling purposes) operating. Japan’s nuclear melt-down occurred due to a loss of power.

And so, as the U.S. Policy apparatus continues with its effort toward countering and destabilizing Russia and its perimeter and while it positions and re-positions its various pawns, it might well keep in mind, as should the E.U., the price of Chernobyl, the multiplier of 12 and the unholy attachment to a uranium-powered energy grid. So many viable alternatives and so few willing to explore them.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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