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What I Noticed in Passing….

“Once, over the passing of many days, the hand upon the clock makes time to pause. The hand wonders if his pause suspends the passing of all things or if only he is the one to notice his standing still.

A drop of rain, once the article of many composed within the clouds, falls freely rejoicing in her independent form. She wonders, her destination approaching, what then becomes of me apart from who I am?

And all the while the cycle turns, the seasons pass to form anew the breath of life in all its forms delivers none-the-less its view. I come, I go and still the rhythms meet their rhymes and challenge will all ways surrender to the revelation of a cause divine.  And yet,

The hand and drop are still to wonder amidst these cycles’ goings on; still to wonder they pay no mind amidst these cycle’s goings on.”

Somewhat serendipitous that I should stumble across this verse at a time such as this!  There is so much going on around our world and so much effort expended attempting to forecast the outcome of our own doings, or perhaps better said our failures by omission.

During a recent taping of an interview I had a wonderful “off-air” chat with the host and she asked about my personal outlook.  I thought I was being asked about the political, social and economic environs however I was to discover she actually meant something quit different; she’d read the Q & A’s appearing in the appendix section of each of the Blind Vision volumes and she’d been taken by some of the comments.  I hope at some point you will all get a copy of each of the books if only to read the Q & A, the content is really quite good.  “You really have a well balanced view of things which is sort of strange because initially you don’t come across that way.”  (Yes, I left that one alone as I found it more engaging to wonder what it was that she meant by this comment more so than anything I might have gained from her explanation.)  “I would think that you find people naïve and detached, sort of annoying and difficult to deal with.” 

The short version of my response was this: I believe that one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that we take the actions of folks around us far too seriously, as if they’re actually consciously looking to launch a frontal assault on our person.  We tend to make everything and anything mean something equivalent to an arrow aimed straight at the target someone else has painted on our psyche. Whether it be friends, family members, business associates, the weather, the planet, the solar system and of course, God himself. The impressions we construct are seemingly inevitable as well as both infinite and finite. For me, what I discovered (and have to constantly be reminded of) is that for the most part, folks are largely unaware of us as individuals; they’re mostly occupied with trying to make sense out of why there are so many arrows headed at them from so many different forms and reasons they simply can’t identify or explain! There are only so many issues we as humans can handle at any one time (a total of “1”) and I figured out that considering the dynamics of probability and outcome that the likelihood that it was my image at the heart of their motivations just seemed a bit unrealistic.  It’s not that folks don’t care, it just happens to be that their interests are focused on issues they find more pressing.

As with the current state of this Country, we’ve all just had other things we cared more about and like the hand and drop, we paid no mind to the goings on.

By the way, I most certainly do not find people “…naïve and detached, sort of annoying and difficult to deal with.”  Just want to clear that one up!

After all, another great lesson; there is so little time to make a lasting impression. For some it will matter and for others, it will never matter at all.  Go figure!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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