China’s Banking Crisis; a Tool of Control?

Disinformation is a clever tool; the problem for most Americans is that few actually consider that it’s being used against them by their own Government! For decades the Public has been told that the U.S. it at risk to the Chinese over the amount of U.S. Debt owned by the Chinese, but did you know that the Chinese published Public debt- load is twice that of the U.S. and actually greater than the U.S. and the entirety of U.K.-E.U. Combined?

The entire Chinese economy is funded by a Fiat-Based (like the West’s) banking system owned entirely by the Chinese Communists who fund what Western Businesses and Consumers short-sheet with the aid of their own manic printing press. The advent of the Obama Asian pivot has nothing to do with direct-conflict with China, but more so the next evolution of a process intended to do what the British were unable to accomplish by way of Opium (Opium Wars).

Many western theorists have suggested that there’s a coming conflict with Russia and that China will ally with them. While it is well known that N. Korea has been subsidized since the end of the Korean Conflict by both Russia and primarily China, N. Korea  has proven itself more and more to be a magnificent management headache for both Countries, but more on the N. Korea issue another time.

The point being is that whenever the Chinese pursue a flex-your-muscle affair suddenly the West fans the flame of “Chinese Banking Crisis” and the Beijing Chi-Coms become strangely manageable if not compliant. Last year the Chinese were welcomed into the IMF SDR (Special Drawing Rights, a.k.a. Basket of Currencies) granting it membership into its community of Reserve Currencies. Whether or not the Chinese are aware of it the fact remains that the moment they accepted the invitation is the very same moment their Banking System became fully controllable by the Global Elite and their Pocket Banking System. Oh, yes, just like you!  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder 

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