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China’s Banking Crisis; a Tool of Control?

Disinformation is a clever tool; the problem for most Americans is that few actually consider that it’s being used against them by their own Government! For decades the Public has been told that the U.S. it at risk to the Chinese over the amount of U.S. Debt owned by the Chinese, but did you know that the Chinese published Public debt- load is twice that of the U.S. and actually greater than the U.S. and the entirety of U.K.-E.U. Combined?

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Barclays Sells Vault to Chinese Bank – Dispersing Concealment

It’s clear that a major economic upheaval is coming. Global debt is soaring while major economies are non-responsive and recently, celebrated by the IMF’s recent inclusion of the Chinese Yuan to its list of Reserve Currencies, the global banking cabal has moved  within one final step of possessing complete control of the planets so-called global financial order despite the obvious fact that its scheme is proving to be nothing more than an predatory enterprise.

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