Comey & Rogers Dance with House Intelligence Committee (HIC)!

Strange is an understatement; it’s as if they’re all engaged in a conversation that no one really wants to have for fear that somehow a confession or tidbit of data will emerge to reveal a truth long before it can be dismissed. Consider:

1. On one hand Comey says that there is “no information” supporting Trumps “wiretapping” (surveillance) claims, but then he acknowledges that occurring leaks were illegal. He can only say that if there were, in fact, leaks of classified information and the only way, in this circumstance, the data could only be deemed classified is if it were obtained thru some form of surveillance. Clearly he’s dancing with or around known points of interest, for example: yes, it may be the case that the FBI doesn’t “have information” relating to Trumps claim of surveillance, but it doesn’t mean that the “information” doesn’t exist or that the NSA approved FISA Warrants went beyond their scope and collected data some of which could have been accessed and/or illegally released by any of the 17 Agencies in the food-chain including Senior Officials and A.G. Lynch as Comey later acknowledged. It is also important to remember that the expansion of the list of Agencies able to receive classified surveillance data occurred, in December of 2016, shortly before Trumps inauguration thru an E.O. Signed by then President Obama. Again, signed by then President Obama. Are we to believe that President Obama was unaware of the document he was signing?

2. We know that there were two FISA Ordered warrants issued involving surveillance that included the Trump Organization and that the NSA has not yet released the details of these actions for review by HIC. Further, both Comey’s and Rogers unwillingness to comment on internal investigations (of their own agencies) or comment on the content and scope of the surveillance data might very likely be a tacit confession that they are both deeply concerned that there is criminal misconduct within their own Agencies. And,

3. It was clear to me that both Comey and Rogers are skimming the perimeters of processes and techniques that are as extraordinarily invasive as they are highly secretive. their tacit admission that leaks did occur also exposes the FISA Warrant Process and at least three critical factors relating to the same are at risk for being exposed:

(a) The possibility that not only did the surveillance occur, but that it went well beyond what was approved by the FISA Court or was deliberately misled.

(b) That Operatives, including those within the previous Administration and the Intelligence Bureaucracies, made a deliberate and conscious decision to damage Trump’s Campaign and ultimately his Administration thru the strategic leaking of contrived/embellished data retrieved from classified surveillance data.

(c) Exposing not only the extraordinary surveillance capacity of the Government, the apparent ease by which it can become used as a political tool and the apparent lack of systems controls employed to keep the information out of the hands of those whose intent is only seemingly made known only after the damage has done. By the way, all of this occurring at a time when sections of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act are due to expire and are up for yet another extension.

A few lingering thoughts:

4. Whatever ambitions Putin/Russia may have had have paid dividends they could never have imagined; the toxic antics of the out-of-control U.S. Political & Media Demagoguery have seen to that. Will the Intelligence Community circle its wagons to the point of being impenetrable? If they do the entire affair could supercharge the Trump Administration and simultaneously blow a massive hole in the mantle of the Politicos who’ve banked their capital on a well-crafted mask of monumental failure aimed directly at neutering the Trump Administration. So much for the integrity of the U.S. Democracy!

5. I still question why A.G. Sessions elected to recuse himself from the Russia/Trump investigation? He was not culpable in any way that can be determined. Did he do it to protect the Department of Justice from further damage to its legacy? There should be no doubt that this decision was strategic in nature and had nothing to do with perfecting his nomination. My observations strongly indicate that Sessions is well aware of the broadening scope of abuses by Lynch/Obama/Clinton. That his recusal is part of a plan to immunize the DOJ against calculated suspicions and whatever bloodletting that is to come, assuming a formal rendering is delivered stating that Trump was not complicit in the alleged Russia Hacking scheme, can proceed based on the material facts and free of political vengeance. We’ll just have to wait and see if Sessions is willing to breach the organisms that prefer to insulate former Administrations from incarceration.

6. Of particular interest is the potential of a British Intelligence (MI6) link and the specter of consideration to whether or not the Obama Administration went outside the lines by calling on British Intelligence to do a bit of off-the-books surveillance of Trump after all, what are friends for. For those who view the Fox News Channel you will no doubt be acquainted with their Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former a New Jersey Superior Court Judge. Last week, while appearing on the Fox New show “Fox and Friends”, Napolitano stated that “Fox News has spoken to intelligence community members who believe that surveillance did occur, that it was done by British intelligence.” Fox News quickly benched Napolitano and issued on-air retraction of his remarks. The Judge remains steadfast in support of his comments stating that he “reported what the sources told me, reported it accurately and I do believe the substance of what they told me.” Before this inference is dismissed let us recall one Christopher Steele, a former M16 Agent, and the amplified dossier he prepared which targeted then Candidate Trump. Coincidence? Not likely.

For the Global Political Order the ascendance of Trump couldn’t have come at a more inopportune moment; the bureaucracies of state, each in the form of a protectorate bound to its own interests and vices, are being challenged by a force, oddly enough, having emerged from a base without which they’d have nothing to harvest.

Whether or not Trump can succeed at accelerating the awakening of the American People is yet to be known however, the various Protectorates, complete with their agendas and cross-purposes, are not about to lie in wait before the act to preserve the toxic allure of power. For the passionate observer of these Committee Hearings it should be apparent that it’s not about what is known or what has been said or the truth about what occurred; it is all about controlling the environment of power and influence while appearing to be the ever-devoted patriot.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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