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Sessions in Session before Senate Intelligence Committee

There was only three things to take away from today’s hearing:

(1) A.G. Sessions appearance served to further illustrate the contemptible behavior of James Comey and that his dismissal was appropriate.

(2) That unless ruled by Committee Chair Richard Burr during the hearing, A.G. Sessions has no obligation to report or otherwise disclose the content of his private conversations with the President.

(3) It is abundantly clear that the Committee is in desperate need of a reason, any reason, for being in-session regarding anything having to do with the Trump Administration or any of its prior-to-inauguration affiliates.

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Comey- Draining a Puddle!

I’m annoyed by the syrupy deference offered Public Officials; a sort of wholesale reverence that transcends reason or justification particularly when the standards of performance are so incredibly low. Where the bar that would otherwise constitute a breach-of-duty and get one fired is seemingly an unachievable trigger-point.

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Comey & Rogers Dance with House Intelligence Committee (HIC)!

Strange is an understatement; it’s as if they’re all engaged in a conversation that no one really wants to have for fear that somehow a confession or tidbit of data will emerge to reveal a truth long before it can be dismissed. Consider:

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Why Equal Justice Matters

Boundaries must be universal otherwise there are no boundaries. The concept of what becomes unilateral in application can only be distinct in meaning if generally understood to be universal across-the-board.

In the age of increasingly thallic (no defining form) structure it seems as if we humans are bent toward self-destruction particularly if we leave ourselves to the device of ambivalence. Nothing matters, no elements of deference, grace, virtue or reverence toward one another being mere attributes of a Neanderthal-age-gone-by.

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Hillary Free-Skates on “Insufficient Evidence”

FBI Director James Comey, in an unusually detailed explanation, states that despite Clintons “reckless disregard” for the structure and security of maintaining control over classified information there is “insufficient evidence” that would indicate that these actions represented a “willful” intent.

Ironic that the Director is now assuming the role of “trier of fact” in determining the scope and applicability of “intent” where the factual breaking of a law is, in itself, for most Americans, an actionable measure that brings with it prosecution. “Intent” may be a matter for assessing time served but irrelevant otherwise; the law, it is clear, was broken by Clinton and her Staff. 

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