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The Bias of Transparency:

MIT Econ Professor, J. Grubber, though weeping with academic ooze is merely an orderly in the legions of so-called architects that romp around the shadows of government. Not only are they paid to orchestrate legislation, they are tools of vested interests who prey on the ignorance of elected officials.

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The Scourge of Authoritarianism

When Fed/State Legislatures pass a Bill/Act into law, the action is largely conceptual in nature. The operational details are suspended into the realm of TBD by way of enabling legislation provisions. The features contained within the newly created law providing non-elected officials with the authority to create rules and regulations having full force and effect of law. This all occurs after the legislation has passed and the entire process takes place outside of legislative oversight.

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Should National Security Trump Sovereign & Unalienable?

The state’s all encompassing legal black-hole of “National Security” has given license to an explosion in the breaching of the once sacred and untouchable Right of Privacy (Individual). Has the expansion and growth in technology brought an end to privacy or is it merely an excuse to vacate the Right of Privacy by way of legislation?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Imperial Presidency Licensed by Congress

It is absolutely true that the Obama Administration, more than any previous administration, has set new standards of tyrannical-excess in large part due to the activist-anarchist nature of the President and his staff. With that said there remains one significant feature that accommodates executive-abuse and that is the concept of “enabling legislation.” When most bills are passed thru Congress they are merely conceptual in nature and quite non-specific. The details of enacting the intent of the bill/act is accomplished thru language that defers action to a named bureaucracy who is enabled, by the very same bill/act, to create the organisms and regulations (as necessary) to carry out their interpretation of the bill/acts intent.

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