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Acts of War & Questionable Authority

The question surrounding U.S. Military Action (in the Middle-East particularly) is one of legitimate authority. Whether under domestic or international law the issue may not be so much a question of authority, but more so one of convenient silence.

Historically a Declaration of War (DOW) under International Law has been the recognized right of a sovereign nation. The U.S.’s last DOW occurred in the 1940’s while Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), since the late 1950’s, have become the accepted replacement for DOW.

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Investing in War | An Expanding Model

Mark Gunzinger, a retired Air Force Colonel and deputy assistant Secretary of Defense now working at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, says that:

“One of the things that can help a new capability break through is an operational stressor, like a major air campaign.”

Behind the scheme of military intervention rests the community of globalists who believe that economic unification of resources must occur in order to preserve a defunct economic paradigm.

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Ramping Fear & Strategically-Timed Delay

No one wants to believe that warring (or the policy of active war) could actually be a State Policy; by even making the assertion exposes one to the risk of being named as a non-patriot or even a lunatic and yet the facts speak for themselves.

Since WW1 a great deal of wealth and resources have been apportioned and repositioned and it is accomplished, quite effectively, by managing and manipulating public sentiment. Enter the concept of a Strategically-Timed Delay, the covert strategy of managing a threat-induced response, a mechanism for mobilizing public support by ramping-up their fear-perceptions.

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Vote Ideology and Ignore the Ideal

The ever widening schism that exists between the Public and the Apparatchiks of Politics is a subject that seems largely ignored and yet the casuistry in support of its occurrence is an incredibly fertile source for why Americans should step aside from the faux-reality of political rhetoric and see it all for what it truly is. 

A supreme act of defiance dedicated solely to the expansion and preservation of orchestrated tyranny. The ability to step beyond and outside the boundaries of reason and into the ethereal domain of the specious and apocryphal; the eternal flaw of bias which accommodates any version of the less-then-factual just so long as there is no burden of truth the underlying premise being: We are entitled to say precisely whatever we want so long as we are never required to state what it truly is. 

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