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Executive Action, Constitution & Slavery

As the war of threats continues to be waged over Mr. Obama’s threat to ratify residency for millions of illegal aliens I think it appropriate that a few (relevant) points be tethered to your considerations:

(1) The President has no such capacity to act unilaterally as to existing law or legislation; he must “faithfully” enforce the law, period.

(2) He cannot, by executive fiat, express or act by writ, any authority not expressed within the Constitution that either commands or self-assigns supplemental authority to the Executive Branch.

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Constitutional Reprieve?

The closing term of the High Court brought about a body of decisions which have revived the hearts of constitutionalists while sending the secular-progressives into a state of malignant candor. None-the-less the greater question, that of a constitutional premise, is still largely ignored or at the very least completely un-resolved.

In its simplest terms I believe that, as to the American form of Constitutionally Mandated Limited Government, it boils down to the simplest filter of all; imposition and the eternal conflict between governance and the extent to which the weapon of government is used to impose upon one the will of another.

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Vote Ideology and Ignore the Ideal

The ever widening schism that exists between the Public and the Apparatchiks of Politics is a subject that seems largely ignored and yet the casuistry in support of its occurrence is an incredibly fertile source for why Americans should step aside from the faux-reality of political rhetoric and see it all for what it truly is. 

A supreme act of defiance dedicated solely to the expansion and preservation of orchestrated tyranny. The ability to step beyond and outside the boundaries of reason and into the ethereal domain of the specious and apocryphal; the eternal flaw of bias which accommodates any version of the less-then-factual just so long as there is no burden of truth the underlying premise being: We are entitled to say precisely whatever we want so long as we are never required to state what it truly is. 

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A Choice of Futures

“Another moment passes by and I wonder; is it time which passes in the moment or is it we who pass through what appears to be time? It matters not I suppose if in the end all suspends to nothing yet I suspect there is so much more to what is supposed and imagined that we never see. I believe it in these things which are not seen we become aware of what there is to know.  

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Can We UnDo?

I am prone to applaud any effort restoring the constitutional form of republican government. As our nation finds itself in an increasingly debilitated state, the mandate is clear; the time is now. Right now!

A companion to the previous though is the importance of considering the requisite outcome and the lead-time required to affect it.  As was/is the case with the current economic and political environment, bear in mind these things just didn’t happen overnight. They took years to evolve and metastasize in to the purulent form we observe today. Rest assured their correction will consume an immense amount of time and discipline all of which begs the question; Can We UnDo what has been done?  

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