111th Congress: Faithful Indifference

Let us all be please that we are able to close out the season of political indiscretions each recorded by a political system (not to be confused with a form of government) known for an accomplished ability to conceal its hubris and contempt for the publics interests. The casual observer need only consider the closing week of 2010 to refine ones view of whether we’ve moved closer to or further from the bar measuring success.  In deed, the 111th Congress and its Faithful Indifference has made its mark on the tally board registering self-governments accomplishments.

On Wednesday of this week Mr. Obama rallied the White House reporters for a year end press conference were he claimed success on many levels and in many forms.  The most interesting point he exalted was his claim that “partisan efforts” can work in Washington.  I found this assertion somewhat ironic particularly when we consider that regardless of the lame-duck status of the congress, the democratic party still maintained their majority and with the exception of the Start Treaty (required 2/3rds approval) and the so-called Tax-Deal (whose passage was enabled by blue-dawg republicrats) every other bill that made its way through the 111th Congress during the closing weeks would have occurred with or without republican support.  Let’s identify a few of these for specific reference:

  • Start-Treaty – The quinticential example of harlequin government in action. A Treaty that ignores two critical points (and there are others): (1.) The likelihood that the U.S. or the Russians would exchange a nuclear volley is less than 0%.  And (2.) It completely ignores several significant points of far greater concern: (a.) Strategic nuclear weapons (these being the ones most difficult to track and including those which include the Soviet-era concealable and transportable (suitcase) weapons which have never been fully accounted for) are not even mentioned. And (b.) The massive exportation of conventional weaponry the Russians are providing the Chinese, the N. Koreans and – a little closer to home – Venezuela as well as other S. American Countries. By the way, it has been reported that the missile fired off the coast of California this past November likely came from a Chinese ballistic missile submarine acquired from Russia.
  • Omnibus Spending Bill – Yet another dubious effort reported to mantain the government in the spending patterns its grown accustomed to (at least until March 1st of 2011) illustrates the comedic tragedy of Washington. Too much, too miss-managed and always too dysfunctional. It should be remembered that this bill is only a temporary substitute for the actual budgetary functions that neither house could seem to address within the required time period.
  • Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – Despite the attestations to the contrary, gays and/or lesbians have never been prohibited from serving in the military.  I find it ironic and seemingly apocryphal that the ability to broadcast ones sexual orientation has been proselytized in such a way as to suggest it is a required component of military service. I am prone to wonder how the esprit de corps or various efficiencies of the military will be improved by this aberration of political correctness. Perhaps someone, one day, will be able to explain it to me.  No, the only agenda is to further press the social order by dissociating the public from a native order common to anthropological ontology. And no, I like many don’t really care what flag you sail under, we care most about character.
  • Tax-Deal – I’ve commented on this effort extensively so I’ll simply refer you to previous articles however I will (only) offer this one point: Until such time as congress either suspends (or is forced to) making political statements and extending favoritisms via tax code distortions – this country will continue to self-destruct. 
  • FCC First Amendment Imposition – This particularly issue, though not a product directly of the 111th Congress its occurrence was sanctioned by their silence. The FCC has, autonomously and without congressional approval or oversight, imposed itself upon what has been, to date, a largely government-free mechanism; the Internet. The precision of the internets operations and the relative fluidity of its functions is supreme evidence of free-market efficiency and its potential for self-regulation. Fearing the threat of a free-flow of information and unsanctioned economic corridors the government has long desired the ability to impose itself upon the process even though their previous attempt have been suspended by the Courts. This past week, the FCC took another step (or side-step) in an attempt to inculcate its self-anointed providence by passing regulations focused on fixing a problem experts agree, does not exist.  If the FCC is not turned-back, this will further the presumption of right to resume further attacks. Let us hope the 112th Congress (or the Courts) shut the door on any and all interferences by the FCC. 

As mentioned above, there are several culprits whose actions enabled (the blue-dawg republocrats) the process and they need to be called-out for their incompetence: Alexander (R-TN), Bennett (R-UT), Brown (R-MA), Cochran (R-MS), Collins (R-ME),  Corker (R-TN), Gregg (R-NH), Isakson (R-GA),  Johanns (R-NE), Lieberman (ID-CT), Lugar (R-IN), Murkowski (R-AK), Sanders (I-VT), Snowe (R-ME) and Voinovich (R-OH).  Yes, I include two independents and clearly considering that the votes continued along party lines, nonetheless this illustrates that there were options (particularly in the case of the Start-Treaty) to vote in favor of suspending the Treaty yet party – and most certainly not principal – politics and ignorance continue to dominate the legislative process.  By the way, there was not one Democrat registering dissent.

Obama artfully used the over-burden of political governance to both rehabilitate (albeit marginally) his submerged appeal and set the stage for a raucous battle for the 2012 elections.  In short, he has so effectively triangulated his opposition that I believe the republicans have unknowingly set the stage for his political resurgence regardless of what happens with the economy or the various global conflicts that will continue or develop as each successive horizon appears.  Think of it:

  • If the economy continues to fail he can blame the Republicans for making too deep a slice in Tax-Deal negotiations.
  • If the economy improves, he can assert that it was his open-minded approach lubricating the partisan process.
  • If, as it appears extremely likely, there is no ballistic missile exchange between the U.S. and Russia, then he can claim that it was his extraordinary skill in international affairs that created a new era of global détente.
  • The passage of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will award him with the lush exuberance of party extremes. He will be able to claim that he is sensitive to the plight of all Americans who suffer from the yet to be resolved void in the representative process.  And lastly,
  • What ever the outcome of the spending/budgetary legislations that occur from the quasi efforts of the 112th Congress, Obama will be squeaky clean there too. If the outcome is politically adverse, he can claim Republican interference or that his watch continued to suffer the excesses of past administrations

In the end what all of this indicates to the observant is that we are a Nation of People encumbered by a political process that just doesn’t (or doesn’t want too) get it! The process is purely political and resolves only to a political outcome adverse to the interests of our people and the design intent of our constitutional form. 

 “The Government asserts a political response to a problem of its own doing!” 

I believe this Nation is more than capable of reclaiming its form and its function as the embodiment and keeper of sovereign ideals preserving and protecting Providential design, i.e., our unalienable rights.  Let’s pray for the courage to engage the opposition in such a way that all, though of different minds, converge upon the ideals which are common to all. Your resolve is not political, it is providential and thus being so it is incumbent upon all Americans to overcome and repair the damage that has been done in our name.

I believe we can, moreover, I believe it is your duty.  Remember,

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be expressed!”

 Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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