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America | The Promise of an Ideal

July 4th, a day to ponder the thought of what it all means, to listen to and consider the comments offered by those who respond to questions such as: “Are you proud to be an American?”or “What does Independence Day mean to you?” Over the years I’ve listened to the various responses and often I am deeply moved, inspired, thankful, on occasion disappointed and yet, I am always left with a sense of resilient hope.

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On the Trail to Independence; Racing to the Dan River

In the winter of 1781, having overwhelmed the Southern Continental Army, Cornwallis was attempting to consolidate British control of the Carolinas; his ultimate goal is to bring the war north to Yorktown, Virginia.  

General Washington knew well that his Continental Army was no match for a direct confrontation with the British; at least not yet. A positive turn toward good fortune was in the making; the General received consent from Congress to appoint a replacement for what remained of the Southern Command and he turned to Nathanael Greene naming him Major General of the Southern Continental Army. 

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July 4th: Not a Given

“The resource of life lies within the soul eager to find its way, willingly in tune yet tethered by silence and apathy unresolved. At times it is fought for, tirelessly pursued and then squandered; still a gift to be tendered, a reward for valor but not a given.” 

As I recall it date was July 3rd, 1967; a lazy summers day for an eight year old boy born and raised in small town southwestern Pennsylvania. Named for a Revolutionary War General the “burg” bears the name Greensburg, the General: Nathanael Greene. Folks were busy preparing for the annual 4th of July festivities placing flags on the poles lining Main Street and excitement filled the air. Greensburg is American History and as a youngster I was surrounded by it; Bushy-Run Battle Field, Ft. Ligonier, Gettysburg and so on.  

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Affirming Independence


Americans the world over know of July 4th, 1776.  Historians argue over whether the actual day should be July 2nd or August 2nd of 1776 however I’ll suggest that whatever the date, it was a day in the making since Mans first appearance upon this lovely sphere God himself purposefully divined as an extension of his deliberate intention.


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