Bewildered Yet? Biden’s Obama Retreads:

Oh my, this is another one of those instances where it’s really painful to be right but then again, did anyone really expect the field to populate any differently?

Biden is doing absolutely nothing to belay the fears of the non-consenting Public’s justifiable concerns; already, from the cabinet announcements thus far, you are witnessing the preparatory fulfillment of everything you feared and those things you thought were conspiratorial pabulum that allowed you to believe the anti-Trump rhetoric.

What did you think he meant when he said he’d “…be the president for all Americans?” Seriously?

Yes, every, not just some or a select few but every Personnel Choice announced thus far have links to or are open affiliates of the Deep State and by extension of the same, the Global Trans-Atlantic State (GTAS) that is to follow. More specific, most are Obama/Clinton Retreads.  Even John Kerry, a working success at failure approaching that of Biden’s, has been resurrected to head the position of Presidential Climate Envoy. The truth is, as a one term President, Trump was only able to suspend the progression of the GTAS (needing a second term to fully shut it down) consequently with Biden in office one should expect that the process of conversion will resume shortly and move unrepentantly forward with neck and sovereignty snapping speed.

By the way, the lovable Ol’ Bernie really doesn’t want a Biden Cabinet position; he’s making way too much money from his PAC for him to expose himself and his clan to too much public scrutiny. On the other hand, that doesn’t seem to have affected Joe Biden, Obama, the Clintons and many of those being slated to hold a position in the Biden regime. So, let the music begin….

“The colors of the rainbows, so pretty in the skies, like illusions and disgraces bringing tears to your eyes. I see friend shaking hands, saying what do we do, just like Trump, you’ve been screwed! And I say to myself, what a wonderful world,… I pray to myself,…what a wonderful world…Oh yeah!”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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