Vesting in Disorder

One of the most remarkable aspects of Mankind is that while he may appear and at time can be quite cunning, in truth, he’s actually quite predictable. Yes, the tranquilizer of deception is quite diverse and while we often mask our intentions with multiple forms of deception however with a measured dose of willingness these attempts can be overcome, the veil can be pierced.

The first step in the process is to understand that the advent of every outcome finds its genesis in a choice/decision made; there’s no such thing as an uninitiated outcome. If we review the architecture of “choice,” if we are willing to set aside (for the moment at least) the lush terrain of the ever popular “gray area,” the uncovering of true intentions becomes much easier when one simplifies the field of options down to their most basic form, a binary function, a go no-go, a yes or a no field of options. For most the upset occurs not from the advent of choice but from our expectations as to outcome. Yes, as an example, one can choose to buy a lottery ticket (or choose not to) however there are an untold number of forces, not at all concerned with our ambitions (counter intuitive to the Law of Outcome), in control of the result. Ah yes, the unwelcomed disappointment of predictability.

“When the crowd can no longer hear the flute then what becomes of the drive toward the cliff and the alure of sudden impact?”

Still, as many have come to appreciate, this type of disappointment can have its benefits particularly when we indulge in what I think of as the lucrative practice of “strategic reassignment,” the deliberate and tactical re-assignment of a designed-in failure to an unrelated party/cause solely for the purpose of predatory gain. Ain’t it grand to have the privilege of being blamed or burdened with/for the consequence of a choice made by someone other than you?  The politicization of issues is nothing less than an unending trial of examples were Government (its operatives) entice the Public with solutions to problems of their own making. The frequency of these occurrences is beyond the epidemic levels.

Now then, to this introductory narrative let’s add a vital component, a feature that for these purposes we will refer to as “vesting.” In the use of the word (vesting) know that I’m narrowing its definition to that of an idea/ideal/narrative/condition you have conveyed/identified your systems of conviction to/toward and by having done so it now an integral part of your conscious thought/understandings; for you it is now an absolute. This “absolute” can also be used to identify a condition of or a commitment that has been imposed upon you an examples of which might be a narrative that you’ve identified with that claims (without identifying the authenticity of the methods used to assert the basis of the claim) that Acorns are the cause of all planetary disorders the validity of which is affirmed by the growing numbers of members in the newly formed AAUCAA (Anti-Acorns Union of Concerned Anti-Acorn Activists) which, for fear of being labeled an Oakie you quickly join and advise all in your sphere of influences and beyond to join or else risk the veil of disdain that will unmercifully descend upon you. Thereafter you will be tattooed with the designation of being among the “unholiest of outcasts” whose very existence would soon devour the world were it not for the sanctified grace and foresight of the forward-thinking Elite.

With these fundamental components in mind let’s move on to the main course, a dish that requires us to combine the binary attributes of choice, the subversive narrative and this idea of “vesting.” Onward!

The passage of time has allowed for the broader exhibition of human disorder, the development of social compacts/orders/rulers all of whom having left their mark on the landscape of human history.

(Quick sidebar: In order to keep this exercise to a manageable level this discussion on Social Order and Authoritarian Rule/Order has been, unabashedly, abbreviated. I beg your indulgences.)

Their successes, their failures and their ultimate demise, in the simplest of evolutionary examples, arise from the making of a servient component of the population by way of a dominant force arising to impose a subversive narrative upon it. Regardless of the durability of their rule history remains a record of this process occurring as well as a study in the effectiveness of the various practices employed in affecting the narrative’s ambitions as well as the efficiencies employed to overcome the conscience, the talents of reason and realities of a people required for the subversion to incubate and then, ultimately, to take hold.

The (key) reason for why one force becomes more dominant than the other, i.e., the reason for why a people submit to the status of the Servient, is deeply dependent upon the effectiveness of the narrative and yet there is an even greater influence, a component of submission without which the Authoritative Rule could never persist. Persistent Rule requires a servient group that has surrendered to the Narrative, to have “sold out” their sovereign intellect (thought) to the Order’s narrative which, by then, to the Servient, is one and the same. Still, even the charismatic rancor Hitler would prove woefully inadequate in maintaining control over the narrative and its abuses by the jack-booted thugs of the NAZIs/SS. These Authoritarian Orders all, routinely, makes the same mistake; the place too high of a value on indoctrination and while none (yet) have been more unmerciful than the Soviets, it is understood that Stalin alone is responsible for the behind-the-iron-curtain deaths of 20+ million, these various forms of human-induced disorders all fail, they ALL fail.

Why do they fail? Simply put, they fail because they are unsustainable ideologies, they are what they can only be, a form of cancer that eats itself from within. Even the locust, when it can no longer feed, dies which lures one to a next level curiosity:  When the crowd can no longer hear the flute then what becomes of the drive toward the cliff and the alure of sudden impact? The key for understanding the significance of the U.S. success story is quite simple: there was no Order in place that prohibited or conditioned the impossible from occurring. This of course has changed and is, as well, the reason for the Nations horrific slide into contemptuous and divisive states of disorder.

Now then, and despite the lessons of history, along come the current iteration of human-cause disorder bent on furthering the cause of chaos by way of a value-added feature. Yes indeed, the enlightened Progressive-Fascist believe they have an unstoppable tool, the add-on value of division, the seed of divisive-vice; the lock-jaw of “vesting” via mass media.

Taking control of a population by way of manufacturing a crisis, by way of a designed-in Narrative, is not the same as maintaining control; persistence is required, the continuous feeding of an ever-expanding field of adversarial-threats is critical to the theatrical endorsement of the Authoritarian Order and its virtuosities. Affirming its very existence is essential to your salvation second only to your participation (Comrade) in the vanquishing of any/all imagined threats.

“The key for understanding the significance of the U.S. success story is quite simple: there was no Order in place that prohibited or conditioned the impossible from occurring.”

The evolution of the Progressive Ideology (the medium behind Fascism and most if not all of the cannibalistic “isms” Man has sponsored from out of the mind of his own depravity) discovered that you can break opposition to the Dominant narrative by creating internal division. The process of multi-level divisiveness is itself a form of asymmetrical warfare. These simultaneous and/or staggered issuance of multiple Narratives each of which, at their core are adverse to the others, are simulations designed to isolate components of the population into adversarial ranks while at the same time positions with other components of the population each of which, unknowingly, are supporting the very same Dominant Order that’s created the conflicting narratives; busying neighbors, family members, work relationships etc. with multiple one-on-one internal conflicts all the while unaware that they are feeding the very Order that is robbing them of their freedoms (their true wealth).


The Narrative endorsing Renewable Energy:

  • Name one form of Renewable Energy that can occur without Fossil Fuels? I know what you’re thinking, Solar Energy, Windmills, Electric Cars, right? Yes, a windmill produces electricity, but the electricity it produces can’t build a windmill. An Electric car may be able to fun on it’s electric battery (lithium) but the electric car or its lithium battery can’t produce another Electric car or, yes, you’ve got it, a lithium battery. Or, by the way, can the electricity from a Solar Panel produce a Solar Panel.
  • Are you aware that environmental damage from production and disposal of batteries used in Hybrid’s/EV’s is considered (now proven) to be far greater and lasting than the fuels used in internal combustion engines?

Neutering the U.S. of both the use and production of Fossil Fuels will save the planet (Human habitation) from environmental destruction.

  • Did you know that Tankers, transporting crude oil from Saudi Arabia to ports in California, emit double the GHG Emissions in one year than the entire automotive fleet of California?
  • Did you know that of developed industrial nations the, U.S., per capita release of GHG is among the lowest of all developed Nations?
  • Did you know that among the largest contributors to release of GHGs (China, India & Russia) are excluded from binding controls (e.g., Paris Accord) because they are identified as “developing nations?”
  • Did you know that in the information released on GHG emission only industrial and energy production related emissions are treated in the calculations? Did you know that none of the emissions from their automotive and transportation or the emission created from the mining and process of cobalt and lithium, key components of the battery packs the eco-snobs so highly prize?


Who doesn’t want personal authority to maintain their health? Who doesn’t rely on the Medical Profession to observe and/or treat your medical conditions? Who doesn’t believe that there must be a system of protocols in place whose sole purpose is to maintain order in the practice of Medicine, to establish guidelines for standards of care, a system of guidelines and protocols in the research and development of pharmaceuticals the foundation of all being the core principle of “do no harm.” Just a few of the documented “truths” are as follows:

  • Truth 1: All of these parameters exist in the Medical Establishment.
  • Truth 2: With the advent of COVID-19, every one of the foundational (core) elements were unceremoniously ignored.
  • Truth 3: With the exception of J&J, so far, there have been more deaths related to Merk & Pfizer Vaccinations and suspension of treatment, than documented cases of death directly attributed to the Virus.
  • Truth 4: It is not too far off from the point where the Public and brave Clinicians will discover that the risk factor associated with COVID-19 is no greater than any other SARS Variant.
  • Truth 5: It is not too far off from the point when brave Clinicians will reveal that all that these experimental synthetic mRNA based Vaccines have done is to yield an autoimmune disorder for those who have succumbed to the fear/pressure tactics of a predatory order who forced them to accept the narrative supporting mass vaccination.
  • Truth 6: Already, at the time of this writing, otherwise healthy people are dying of cardiac issues or other unexplained conditions. The frequency of unexplained/unexpected deaths, of the vaccinated population, is nearing record levels. It is not too far off, just from projections based on review of the current statistics, from the point where we will see vaccine related death rates, from among the otherwise health/fit components of the population, exceed cumulative “since records have been kept” totals.
  • Truth 7: Prior to COVID-19 death rates were not parsed to identify “comorbidity” affiliations; this designation is a crafted tool that can only be explained by the obvious which is that it was created to recalibrate death rates in such a way so as to cloud trace evidence that would normally be used to grade the efficacy and safety of a treatment. Already, the death rates attributed to COVID-19 Vaccinations is far beyond the boundary that, if applied, would have prevented the use of these vaccines.

Making the World Safe for Democracy:

  • Without a doubt one of the most subversive narratives, ever. Think of the implicit message built in to this narrative; multiple loan gunman with the barrel of their malicious intent (presumed) aimed right at the Statue of Liberty. The obvious opposition to the implicit fallacy imbedded in this form of lunacy is best observed by way of a question: If our practiced form of Representative Government is so noble and so virtuous why then must the world be made safe for it? Fascists look to make their world safe merely to, openly, practice their abuses.
  • The crafting of this uniquely American form of Representative Government is, indeed, a marvel of noble actions in pursuit of the virtuous accord it promises; never before seen, ever. What of Mans deformed conditions could survive such a coalition of intention when executed with the fuel of our allegiance to it? Not a one!
  • Subversion of our National Order does not exist in its design but in the abuses levied upon it. Narratives such as this merely creates the alure of Democracy leaving its most promising ideals to suffer in obscurity. Think of it, a free nation? Really, ask yourself: How free can a Nation be when it refuses, absolutely refuses, to ensure the integrity of its voting system.
  • The practice, by this Nation, of “Making the World Safe for Democracy” has rationalized the open extermination of millions of untold numbers of American (Soldiers) lives, expenditures in the Trillions of Dollars and created political/financial/economic sectors that cannot survive without military related expenditures.
  • If it were the case that the world needed to be made safe for Representative Government then on what grounds would this Country be able to nominate itself to the required level of authority when it suborns the authorities, at its disposal, to terminate millions upon millions (approx. 70 million as of 202) of the most sacred of all lives, the unprotect, the unborn. Shame on every one of us for allowing this to take place!

“Refuse to participate in perpetuating the lie and to do this you must be willing to pursue truth and to hold yourself to account for it. Period”

Whatever your position may be, regarding any of these examples, the greater truths are glazed over for the sake of any number of reasons, but I assure you that there is one, one of prime significance, the glue that is common to all grand illusions: The power of influence and the amount of influence power is willing to exerts for the express purpose of preserving itself.

If it was, truly, about “saving the planet” then anyone with an ounce of intellect has already concluded that electrification of the planet via the illusion promised by way of the Renewable Narrative is as irrational as it is unsustainable. The simple truth behind this statement is based on the scientific/proven fact that renewable energies themselves consume more energy in their production than they produce over their lifespan.

As far as COVID is concerned, fortunately, it’s far less confusing. If, as the evidence proves, that the COVID-19 survival rate is no different than any other SARS virus then I think a mind of reason, after looking at what has taken place, culturally, socially, spiritually, economically and in our regard for one another and our collective faith in our Government Agencies and the Professions they oversee, that it is incomprehensible that we should deny that we have a serious problem with the element of our fellow Man that believes its status is far more important than the People upon whose soul they tread and whose bodies they poison.

Are there solutions? Absolutely! Why are they concealed? Simple: The Authoritarian Order has no beneficial interest in giving up their control for the better of, well, anything particularly when or until they can find a way to take control of whatever the “beneficial interest” might be. What does History teach about overcoming Authoritarian Rule? Plenty but key among the options is simply this: Refuse to participate in perpetuating the lie and to do this you must be willing to pursue truth and to hold yourself to account for it. Period.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we are led like sheep to the slaughter.” G. Washington, 1783

Let’s then, for now, move to close on the current effort with one remaining truth that history reveals which is as vital to your understanding as it is promising: Ultimately Man is only ever reconcile himself when he is forced to come face to face with his suffering and that only happens when the pain becomes unbearable. Ultimately only when Mankind discovers that the pain and suffering he endures is a product of his having vested in its conditionings then and only then can he take the first steps on his journey, to the task of overwhelming both the source and the cause of his torment.

We are, each, bound to one another by a sacred order; we must remain true to it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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