A Fix Part 2

“In the midst of a stellar field lies the anguish of nothingness!”

A most peculiar statement, in the absence of context,  which I assure you will not go unnoticed.  But for the moment,  begging your indulgence,  I’ve got to (first) go through a process,  a sort of transfiguration in order to set my self right!

The other day I was standing in line to pay for soda.  To the right of a checkout stand lay a selection of periodicals/daily newspapers.  I noticed that on nearly each of the front pages was some sort of bold commentary about the “Financial Crisis Hits Wall Street”,  “Your Portfolio at Risk”,  “The Coming of an END?”  and so on.

In front of me are two individuals who observed the headlines and were commenting to one an other and, it is to their comments, I find a type of clarity in their cunning ethos.

“…figures,  I can barely make my house payment and these guy’s just get richer…” ,  “…Becky and Rick are loosing their house…” ,  “…this is why I think we need to make sure Obama wins…” ,  “…if McCain wins, you know it’s just going to be more of the same…”  and, the peace de resistance!  “…I just don’t understand how it is possible that in this Country, this can happen,  someone’s got to do something about this!”

I found it somewhat comical as I hurriedly tried to write down these comments in a small notebook I carry,  I felt like Henry Higgins recording Liza Doolittle’s comments outside the Opera House.   The two Folks looked at me curiously and I just smiled at them generously,  paid for my soda, and off I went.

I’m finding it more and more clear that the health (or mindset) of a Nation is best observed while waiting in line at a “mini-mart”!  I’m also finding it clear that we as a people (Americans) really don’t talk to one another very much!   We get our news from the Pundits via the various outlets but I’m caught in a curious discord of a sort.  Where,  when and how does this “news” get processed?  How does it become sorted intellectually?  What sort of fundamental thought process is engaged to vet the information and form it in to a thoughtful,  relevant and sound precept.  Or does it at all?

For example,  how did our friends in line (from above) come to the conclusions based on the headlines from the newspapers?  Or did they?  I don’t know,  frankly,  that they did or didn’t!  I do however suspect that the headlines were more of a trigger for an individual sentiment harbored in the deeper recesses of their consciousness.  In short,  I’m more convinced that it is at this base level,  we all know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!   We just don’t feel as though we can talk about it and that, well,  no one is going to listen!

I so very much enjoy people and I love to engage in conversation and here is a list of just some of the jewels I’ve learned (in no particular order)  from “The People”:

1. They actually want people to get rich!

2. They know when they’re being lied to!  For the most part.

3. They’re far more hearty than is considered.

4. They’re far more intelligent than they are give credit for.

5. They are very Spiritual/Faithful.

6. They are fearful of the Government.

7. They do not trust the Political Process.

8. They unilaterally do not trust Politicians.

9. They are fair minded and generally, egalitarian in nature.

10. They want a level playing field and observe the ever increasing appearances of

entitlement and elitism.   And,  lastly, (for the time being)

11. They’ve no one to turn to who can/will employ a “Fix” for the broken System.

Let me repeat the opening line of this commentary!

“In the midst of a stellar field lies the anguish of nothingness!”

Is the meaning coming in to focus now?  If not,  visit item(s) “1.” thru “11.” above paying particular attention to “7.” & “11.”!

We are a Nation at crisis with itself!   I’m of the opinion that we insist only on the outcome that requires the least amount of effort and/or self-incrimination!   If you doubt this,  ask anyone why they’d vote for Obama, or Clinton or McCain. Truly, REALY ask them,  go to the meat of the WHY?  I’m horrified at the answers!  Truly horrified!  Much more amazing is the look on the individuals face when I say “…is that the best you can give me?”  and they realize,  yes,  it is!!!

On an personal basis,  I’ve got no issue with them as individuals.  I’m sure their all delightful, charming and at some points in their lives their Parents tucked them in to bed and smiled lovingly at them.   The little darlings!

Again,  we all know something is not right!  We’re just not willing to accept the responsibility of insisting on the “Fix” and the discipline that will go along with it!!!

We’ve moved in to a caldron of mediocrity were truth can only be spoken in silence,  were “impulse” is a sacred right and virtue and character are extremes!

There IS a Fix to the Fix we’re in!   It appears however, that we’re not quite ready for it!

What does this have to do with Real Estate and why is a Real Estate Broker writing commentary on Social Issues?   My answer,…who better understand the heart of a People than a person who spends his/her life tending to their desires to own a home,  the challenges associated with it and the horror of watching a Family close the door (for the last time) on a home they’ve just lost!

More to come!  Stay tuned!

In the mean time,  be Well!  You’ve got lots to be grateful for,  it’s about time you thank somebody for it!  Might I suggest the One who’s responsible for all of IT!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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