Arizona – The Forced Vengeance of Tolerant Ignorance (RFRA)

Passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was created to set limits with respect to Government intrusion upon constitutionally protected freedoms. The U.S. Supreme Court (1996), in a rare defense of the 9th & 10th Amendments, ruled that the Federal RFRA could not be applied to state law and that states would have to adopt their own version; in 1999, Arizona – like many other states – did exactly that.

The current Arizona Bill (SB 1062) does nothing more than:

  1.  Define what entity can assert a defense should a discrimination claim be made
  2.  Affirms that a discrimination claim could be made whether or not the government was a party to the action
  3.  Requires a person, asserting a religious freedom violation, to prove the religious foundation for their protest and be able to illustrate evidence of “substantial burden” by enforced compliance

This issue should be of concern to every person and not confined to the lifestyle sideshow; the pure Freedom to Choose vs. the Freedom to Choose from only the Approved Choices made available! As expected the pro-LGBT argument is quite peevish suggesting that a new “Jim Crow Era” were upon us whereas the greater question lies in the separation of government imposition from the unalienable right of personal freedom; if the Government is permitted to grant and define what constitutes Freedom of Choice then who stands for those in opposition to the inevitable outcome of enforced vengeance?

These are critical questions and not to be taken lightly and certainly not as media-dross for the temporal impulse which at any given moment fills the political plank of the bubble-headed and structurally unconscious; the fact that it occurs as it does illustrates the public’s tolerance for ignorance.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: Giving way to the horrific bias of political expedience/survivability Gov. of Az. vetoed SB 1062. When you find yourself pondering the cause of this Nation’s expanding domain of dysfunction do be sure to recall this tragic exhibition.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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