Ukraine: Why now?

A Nation in conflict is ripe for picking; carrion for the predatory opportunist. Having been a part of Russia for the better part of 200 years one would have to go back to the 14th Century to observe, scant as it was, an independent Ukraine. In 1990, yes, Russia did grant Ukraine it’s independence much as the Soviet Union granted Russia and its other provincial regions the very same status.

The West, since that time, has funneled billions of dollars into the regions in an effort to lure these former Soviets into the EU. What Americans fail to realize is that the price of fomenting internal conflicts in these various states will present the U.S. with a deadly price tag and it will clearly not be confined to Iran and Syria. Russia, I promise, will not sit by and allow the U.S. to meddle with their Federation. If Ukraine succeeds in going West/EU then Russia will be faced with a mass-exodus of its confederated States; the blow-back, for the U.S., will be massive.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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